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2019 WR Jacoby Pinckney details another Hokies stop, where he's headed next.

Last weekend, Pinckney made his second trip to Virginia Tech. But how did this one compare to his first? And which schools have caught his attention most?

             Dorman (SC) 2019 wide receiver Jacoby Pinckney is still getting a feel for some of his options. Last weekend, he took in his first football game this season and more are on the way.

            And while it’s early, a pair of schools are standing out a bit. Pinckney, though, is expecting more offers soon that could change that.

            Last weekend, Pinckney was in Blacksburg for Virginia Tech’s win over East Carolina. It was his first time seeing the Hokies since they offered July 17 after his camp performance there. This visit gave him a chance to see a bit more.

            “I loved the atmosphere and then they’ve got a nice campus,” Pinckney said. “I think they have great fans. I feel real comfortable there, I don’t know why. Everything just went smooth throughout the day. I didn’t think I was gonna be able to talk to the staff as much as I did. But I really got to talk to everybody, or everybody really important to me, like my position coach, offensive coordinator and Coach Fuente.”

            Special teams coordinator James Shibest has been Pinckney’s primary recruiter and the two caught up a bit more on the visit. Pinckney said each coach he talked to stressed his importance for Virginia Tech.


            “They told me how I’d fit in the offense, how they need receivers,” he said. “They told me they really want me. It wasn’t all about football, though. We actually just talked about stuff that’s going on, catching back up.”

            Between his two visits to Blacksburg, Pinckney said he’s gotten a good feel for the Hokies. And they’re in good position right now.

            “I really like Virginia Tech,” Pinckney said. “It’s a good school and I think their football program is coming up very quickly. They should be in the top five sometime here soon. For me, I really like ‘em. We’re gonna see what the future holds, since God will work his plan out.”

            Next weekend, Pinckney said he plans to visit North Carolina, for its game against Virginia Tech. That would be his first visit to see the Tar Heels, who could be close to offering.

            “I’ve talked to my position coach up there a couple of times,” Pinckney said. “I’ll see what they have to offer when I go up there. I probably won’t see everything when I go up there, but I’m gonna see some and see if I like it, see the atmosphere and the coaching staff and whatever.”

            The other visit Pinckney has planned is Oct. 29 to nearby South Carolina. The Gamecocks offered him first and for now, he said they, along with the Hokies, are standing out most.

            “I need to call them back, but they’re in my top, though,” Pinckney said. “When I get down there to the game, get to talk more with the coaches, I’ll see what kind of vibe I get and I’ll go from there. It’s tough, since they’re rebuilding their program and they’re recruiting me hard. I’m just trying to go somewhere that I don’t have to wait. We’ll see how that works out. They’re getting a lot of big names at my position.”

            Even as Pinckney gets a better feel in his recruitment, it’s still rather early. With no decision in sight, Pinckney said his priority right now is still getting himself better on the field.

            “I feel like I’m getting there,” he said. “Stuff I need to work on, it’s just stuff that comes with time. I think I have good speed right now, but you can always get faster. So I would like to get faster, just keep on working on my route running. I think I’m good with man to man, getting off press coverage and stuff. I know I can go up and get the ball and I have range. I need to work on catching low balls better in traffic. When I’m running full speed, trying to reach down for a ball can be difficult.”

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