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Breaking down what 2019 PF BJ Mack means to the Hokies

We break down what Mack's commitment means for VT, with analysis by Scout's Brian Snow.

On Sept. 22, Virginia Tech snagged not one, but three commitments for the 2019 recruiting class. One of those three is a frontcourt player that the Hokies believe can develop to be a big addition inside, in Charlotte Christian (NC) three-star center B.J. Mack.

What does his decision mean for the Hokies? We break down Mack's commitment and how he got to this point. 

The Decision

Mack has been on the Virginia Tech radar for over a year. Assistant coach Steve Roccaforte scouted Mack during the AAU slate in the summer of 2015 and made an offer last October. 

At that point, the Hokies were second to offer. Georgia was first, a few weeks prior, but after Virginia Tech, Mack went a few months before his next would come. NC State, Middle Tennessee and College of Charleston all offered this summer.

Playing for Team United on the AAU circuit, Mack continued to garner interest over the summer. Clemson, South Carolina and Charlotte were among those to also show interest as well.

Mack made a few visits, including to North Carolina and on Sept. 17, made his first visit to Virginia Tech. He made the latter trip with two of his close friends, twin brothers Kobe Langley and Keyshaun Langley. To that point, Mack appeared to not give much thought to his recruitment and any type of decision.

But in Blacksburg and in the following days, Mack, the Langleys and the boys' fathers began to discuss the possibility of all three playing in college together. And while they could wait to see what other options would open up, they had one with the Hokies.

It still wasn't a certainty that Virginia Tech would take all three. After all, that would nearly wrap up the class for 2019, two and a half years out. After phone calls with Roccaforte and coach Buzz Williams during the evening of Sept. 22, it was apparent that the Hokies would accept the trio. And by 10 p.m. that night, they called TheVTZone.com to announce their decisions.

What it means for the class

Virginia Tech's dire need for post players is no secret. It really needs bigs.

Mack is a bit shorter than a prototypical center, at 6'8" and 250 pounds, but he's likely not done growing. And already, Mack has the type of mentality that you look for in a good post player: a bruiser inside who will fight for any rebound.

In some ways, Mack right now projects like Khadim Sy did for the 2016 class. Both are somewhat projects and will need help developing.

But at the same time, those are the types of players that college coaches want, someone they can work with and develop how they see fit. Of course, a big difference is Sy is already with the Hokies now, while Mack still has three high school seasons to play.

There's certainly a premium on post players. Mack will certainly grow and improve over his last three seasons of high school and when he gets to Virginia Tech, could need no more than polishing before he makes an impact. There's no way to know, but one thing you can't teach is size. 


Expert Analysis

"BJ's a big kid with good hands. He's got to get into better shape, which will come. He's a little bit shorter than an ideal center, but he does have good hands, he's got a decent shooting touch and he plays hard. He's someone, bigs take a while to develop and he's someone the Virginia Tech coaches saw a lot of potential in.

-- Brian Snow, Scout.com national basketball recruiting analyst

What it means for Virginia Tech as a program

As mentioned, it's a long time before Mack arrives in Blacksburg. It's tough to know what needs the Hokies will have by then. But they seem to never have enough post players, that's for sure.

At this point, the only bigs Virginia Tech would have for certain are Mack and Sy. The hope is to still land a post for the 2017 class and at least one for 2018. But to have one locked up is a huge plus.

It will be interesting to see how Mack develops over the next couple of years as he matures and even his body continues to develop. Again, it looks like he could grow at least another inch before he lands in Blacksburg in 2019.

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