Buzz Williams shares his thoughts on if his players took stands during the national anthem.

It's become a national topic of discussion, decision by players of multiple sports deciding to kneel or sit during the playing of the national anthem. Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams weighed in on the topic, since he's become known for his values of the national anthem.

In November of last year, Williams became a national story because of his patriotism. He brought U.S. armed forces veterans to Cassel Coliseum and spent time telling each of his players their stories, how the veterans fought for the freedoms Williams and every other American has. 

Williams told his players that they were to stand with their right hand over their heart during the playing of the national anthem before each game to honor those who have served.

"We're gonna stand like grown men and we're gonna honor men like this that gave their life so we can have a chair to sit in," Williams told his players, who were standing in front of the veterans. "And in the two and a half minutes that the song is played and somebody sings it, or the music is played, we're gonna stand at attention in honor of these men."

That was well before San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other athletes decided to use the stage of their sporting event to kneel or sit during the national anthem, to raise awareness of social injustice.

Williams was asked about the topic Monday at the Hokies' media day, in the above video. Below is the video of Williams' talking to his players about the anthem last year:

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