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Breaking down what athlete Terius Wheatley means to Hokies

We break down what Wheatley's commitment means for VT, with analysis by Scout's Allen Trieu.

Just last week, Virginia Tech offered Fork Union (Va.) athlete Terius Wheatley. And this past weekend, while on his official visit, Wheatley made his decision official when he gave the Hokies his commitment.

What does his decision mean for the Virginia Tech? We break down Wheatley's commitment and how he got to this point. 

The Decision

Wheatley is the youngest son of former NFL running back and current Michigan assistant coach Tyrone Wheatley. So as a result,the youngest Wheatley has changed schools a few times.

He played his junior season and Fayetteville-Manilus (NY), but after Wheatley got the assistant job on the staff at Michigan, Wheatley moved to Ann Arbor Pioneer (Mich.). His older brother, Tyrone Wheatley Jr., is currently in his sophomore season with the Wolverines.

In his lone season at Pioneer, Terius played running back for a 7-4 team that lost to current Hokies freshman quarterback Josh Jackson in the second round of the state playoffs. Scout analyst Allen Trieu was at that game:

Often, players transfer to Fork Union (Va.) due to poor grades. That extra semester can drastically change the status of some players. Wheatley's decision was purely for football. His grades were solid, as his father made sure of it, but the offers just weren't there.

Even this season, Wheatley picked up only smaller offers, from Buffalo, Old Dominion and a few others. It was only when assistant coaches Vance Vice and Brian Mitchell saw his film that they liked what they saw.

Virginia Tech offered Wednesday as an 'athlete,' the big offer that Wheatley was waiting on. Just two days later, he took his official visit. And by Sunday afternoon, Wheatley accepted the offer from the Hokies with his commitment.

What it means for the class

As mentioned, Virginia Tech made the offer as an athlete. The Hokies have still yet to determine if he'll play cornerback, wide receiver or running back.

Wheatley certainly doesn't have the body type of his father or older brother. While both of those guys are big, bruising football players, Terius is leaner and a bit more athletic. Fork Union lists him as 5'11" and 200 pounds.

Wheatley seems to have the most experience at cornerback. But this will be a decision based on need after the signing class is complete.

Right now, Virginia Tech could use another running back. The Hokies just took Jalen Holston, but will sort out if they need more help there.

Still, it's a good luxury to have, to be able to plug in a player like Wheatley where he's needed.

Expert Analysis

"Everyone knows his dad, Tyrone Wheatley, was a first round draft pick. And his older brother was 6'6" and pretty good on the defensive line. Terius has a little different body type than his brother and his dad. He's always been more of a long, leaner kid. He played a lot more corner. He did play some running back, but when I saw him last season in the playoffs, he played almost exclusively at cornerback. And he's got a track background there, so he's got the speed, he's got the length, just was a kid who moved to Michigan somewhat late, so we didn't get a chance to see him a ton. 

He's a kid who was a struggle for schools just to figure out what to recruit him as. The more he's gotten comfortable at cornerback, you can just see some of those physical tools that he has.I'm not surprised he's turned himself into a Division I corner, because he always had the size and the speed you look for at that position."

-- Allen Trieu, midwest recruiting manager

What it means for Virginia Tech as a program

Terius Wheatley isn't a flashy, five-star recruit by any means. But he comes from a good pedigree and as such, has been around football all of his life, even as a child tagging along to his dad's practices and games.

Having an extra semester at Fork Union has also allowed him to add more weight to what he was in high school. It also gave him a chance to shine a bit more in front of more coaches.

It again shows the Hokies' ability to branch out with this new staff. Technically, Wheatley is coming from a Virginia school. But his family is in Michigan. 

And Wheatley will also at least get the opportunity to play next season. He's done at Fork Union and will enroll at Virginia Tech in January for the spring semester. He'll also take part in the Hokies' spring practice.

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