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UGA release acknowledges Shane Beamer received Wake Forest play information

The Virginia Tech assistant coach who accepted play information prior to playing Wake Forest in 2014 has been named: it's Shane Beamer, who released a statement Thursday afternoon.

Last week, athletics director Whit Babcock acknowledged that a former Hokies assistant coach received information from former Wake Forest player, coach and radio announcer Tommy Elrod. It happened before Virginia Tech's 6-3 double overtime loss in 2014 at Wake Forest, as part of a scandal that's been dubbed, 'Wakeyleaks.'

Today, former Virginia Tech and current Georgia assistant Shane Beamer acknowledged he was that unnamed coach.

In a statement, Beamer took credit for the acceptance of information, as part of an apology. He was subsequently fined $25,000 by the Bulldogs.

“While at Virginia Tech, I was contacted by Tommy Elrod the night before our game against Wake Forest in 2014," Beamer said in the statement. "I had known him for several years through coaching circles so I did not think it unusual he would be calling me. During these communications, however, he told me about a few plays that he said Wake Forest might run during the game on Saturday. I did not share this information with anyone, including our student-athletes, anyone on the coaching staff, or my father, nor did we use the information in the game.

“I realize I made a serious mistake in judgment by accepting the information and failing to notify officials at Virginia Tech of the communications. I sincerely apologize to Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, the ACC and the University of Georgia for my mistake. I am truly sorry.

“I am particularly remorseful to the extent my actions may have brought embarrassment to my family, and especially my Dad. Again, I apologize for my actions and have learned from my mistakes.”

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