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Three-star athlete Caleb Farley talks position, relationship with VT

Just a few weeks ago, Farley signed his early enrollment papers with VT. But how close was he to going elsewhere? And now that he's set with the Hokies, where will he play? He gives the details.

            Next month, Maiden (NC) three-star athlete Caleb Farley will enroll at Virginia Tech for the spring semester and spring practice. But he wasn’t always a certainty to do that.

            Farley committed to the Hokies in April. And in the following weeks, offers came from North Carolina and South Carolina. Those two gained consideration, but in the end, Farley chose to honor his original pledge. Now, it’s just a matter of where he’ll play on the field.

            “I wouldn’t say I seriously considered anywhere else,” Farley said. “If I got another offer, I might have taken a visit out of respect. I looked at South Carolina and UNC, though. I visited South Carolina and was setting official with UNC recently, but I made up my mind I was ready to sign.”

            Farley said his ultimate decision was made for a few reasons. Much of that stemmed from the length of his recruitment with Virginia Tech.

            “It was the relationship with the coaches and the timing of the offer,” Farley said. “They started recruiting me early in my career, when I didn’t have any stars. I guess I just kinda felt comfortable with them, knowing they believed in me and offered early.”


            Special teams coordinator James Shibest also played a big role. Farley said their bond has grown over their recruitment.

            “It’s a great relationship,” Farley said. “My relationship with all the coaches is great. I don’t feel any distance. I feel comfortable asking them anything I wanna ask. It’s like they’ve been my coaches for two or three years.”

            In high school, Farley played predominantly at quarterback. But with the Hokies, he’s not sure where he’ll play.

            “They really just wanna see me get there, try me at wide receiver and quarterback,” Farley said. “They wanna find out, too. He did tell me they were drawing up some plays for me. We’re not sure about where I’ll play, it’s just get up there and figure it out.”

            Farley said he’s not set on one position. But he does want to play on offense.

            “I kinda wanna play receiver,” Farley said. “I think I’ll end up playing some slot type of deal. They know I just want the ball in my hands, in open space. I just wanna play anything touching the ball.”

            Farley said he’ll arrive at Virginia Tech on Jan. 15. But before and well after that date, he has a few areas he plans to work on, to hopefully make an early impact.

            “I’m just gonna continue to stay in shape, try to be in running shape,” Farley said. “I haven’t been doing any type of ball drills, just listening to what the coaches say and staying in shape, eating right.”

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