Breaking down some key notes heading into the Belk Bowl.

CHARLOTTE -- Before the Hokies and Razorbacks do battle in the Belk Bowl, we go over what stands out going into the game.

What a rush!!!

Sam Rogers is a pretty focused guy when it comes to football, but even he had to let himself go and enjoy the Hokies day at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“Definitely, going a 180 in actual race car,” said Rogers, when asked what was the highlight of the week. “I’m not going to lie-I was a little bit nervous going around those turns but those guys know what they’re doing.”

Rogers wasn’t the only one jolted by the experience.

“Putting trust in the guy you just met, shaking hands once you just got in the car,” described Ken Ekanem. “It’s a pretty neat experience going around the bends, feeling all the GForces as it pulls your body one way and seeing how steep those turns are, it’s kind of intimidating.

How intimidating?

“I got through it and didn’t wet myself, so it’s good day.”

Do you have this size in the back room?

Ekanem said he really enjoyed the NASCAR ride as well as well as the shopping experience at Belk, however didn’t like that Virginia Tech had to go second after the Razorbacks. “Arkansas kind of took all the clothes in the good sizes but still a good time overall.”

Laid back

Is Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema nervous? You wouldn’t know it by his wearing flip-flop sandals to the Media Day press conference?

Not ready to process it all just yet

When asked about his year at Virginia Tech, senior quarterback Jérod Evans had a smile but wasn’t sure how he’d even sum up his year.

"As of now, I haven't done much of that, just sit back and reflect," he said. "But as of right now, I haven't really reflected in that sense."

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