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2018 four-star Dakereon Joyner set on QB, VT among junior day stops

Joyner made his first trip to Blacksburg this past weekend, which turned out to be an extended one. But what was his feedback on the Hokies? he gives the details and others making an impression early on.

            For Dorchester (SC) 2018 four-star Dakereon Joyner is set on one position. and a few others might think of Joyner as a wide receiver or athlete, but Joyner insists that’s not the case.

            “The only school that offered me other than quarterback is Alabama, as an athlete,” he said. “As some coaches say, I’m an eraser. I can make plays with my feet. I’ve grown to be, people consider me an athlete because I wasn’t a great passer. But I’ve proven I can throw the ball. I just wanna showcase I can throw the ball. I think schools realize that.”

            Joyner is keeping that in mind when he looks at his options. There are other aspects as well, but he certainly wants to make sure he has a shot at quarterback.

            Joyner got a feel for that and more this past weekend, when he spent the whole weekend at Virginia Tech, including the Hokies’ junior day on Sunday. More visits are coming as well, but they could all be comparing to Virginia Tech.

            “It went well,” Joyner said. “I got a feel of the offense, what they do. I got an inside look, actually. My high school runs the same offense. That’s really it. We talked about how I felt about the university, the facilities and I learned more about them.”

            The visit marked the first to Blacksburg for Joyner. But over the three days, he took in plenty.

            “It was kinda better than I expected,” Joyner said. “I got there Friday night, went to eat, then Saturday got up, went to the facilities, sat with Coach Fuente and Coach Corn. We toured the facilities, Michael Vick hall. We went to the locker rooms, took pics with the jerseys. Then, we went to the engineering building. I actually looked at a jet engine. After that, we went to the facility. We actually played basketball for a little, had a contest. I got done about 5:30, went home. Monday morning, I talked with Coach Justin Fuente for like 45 minutes.

            “It’s different form where I’m from. You don’t see that often. The smaller town reminds you of Clemson. Not anything surprised me. It was better than I expected, with all the new facilities, especially the jerseys. The uniforms were real nice.”

            Overall, the weekend gave Joyner a good sense of what to expect at Virginia Tech. He also likes the history that Fuente has.

            “It’s a great program,” Joyner said. “It continues to build. Over the next few years, they’ll play a lot of young kids. They’re gonna bring in some young guys to fill those shoes, find some new younger guys. Coach Fuente does a great job and he did a great job at Memphis. I know they’ll continue to build that program.”

            On Feb. 18, Joyner said he’ll take in his next junior day, to Georgia. But he also hopes to get to NC State, Louisville and nearby South Carolina soon.

            “I wouldn’t say I have any standouts,” Joyner said. “A couple are recruiting me harder than others. I can’t say I have a leader, but I would put Virginia Tech at the top. Not the very top, but somewhere up there. It’s a great program. I felt different about it. Really, South Carolina is closer to home, so I’m more comfortable. I haven’t gotten there like I have with Virginia Tech, but I’m getting comfortable with it. The other schools are closer to home, too. The coaches, I have a great communication, the coaches at South Carolina and NC State.”

            Joyner continues to explore his options. But wherever he can make the biggest impact at quarterback might be the biggest aspect.   

            “Wherever I’m gonna ball at, I don’t care, I just wanna showcase my talent,” Joyner said. “I look for good communication, really and the coaches’ history. I’m just looking at my chances of playing, really. I don’t wanna go somewhere I don’t have a chance.”

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