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Wide receiver Blake Proehl details decision between Virginia Tech and East Carolina

Wide receiver Blake Proehl has been committed to East Carolina since last summer, but how much does a late offer from Virginia Tech have him re-thinking that choice? He explains.

            It was an offer he admittedly wanted for some time. But days before national signing day for the 2017 class, Providence (NC) wide receiver Blake Proehl didn’t think it would come.

            Then, on Sunday, Virginia Tech made the offer he had wondered if it would come. But at this point, Proehl has been committed to East Carolina since June.

            Proehl is now between those two schools, with a final decision coming early tomorrow morning. And at this point, he’s still debating in his head whether he should stick with his original commitment or make the flip.

            “They’ve always been my dream school since I was a kid,” Proehl said. “But it just came a little late. I know it’s a numbers thing. I just don’t really know If I can trust them at this point. I don’t know if they’re playing games with me or what. I might just stick with someone who’s been with me the whole time. I’m still a little confused, but that’s just where I’m at.”


            Proehl, the youngest son of former NFL wide receiver and former Carolina Panthers wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl, got his first taste of the Hokies in 2010. That season, his dad was on the radio broadcast for Wake Forest, Ricky’s alma mater and took Blake with him.

            “I remember we went up to Blacksburg and I was able to sit in the press box,” Blake said. “It was just awesome.”

            Since the offer from Virginia Tech came Sunday, Blake Proehl has talked mostly with special teams coordinator James Shibest. While the talks have been productive, he said they’ve also been about explaining the timing of the offer.

            “I’ve talked to several of them in the past couple of days,” Blake Proehl said. “I talked to Coach Shibest the most, but I have talked to some of the other coaches. They were just explaining the opportunity that they presented and what happened with the late offer and where they were. (They’re) just trying to recruit me. They just talked about how something fell through with another kid, so they reached out to me. That’s what all of them told me, so I guess that’s what happened. They’re trying to be straightforward, which is good.”

            Still, Blake Proehl said the Hokies remain an option as he heads into a decision tomorrow morning.

            “I’m definitely considering it,” he said. “It’s hard not to consider. I’m pretty set on ECU, but it’s hard to ignore.”

            As of now, though, Blake Proehl still considers himself on board with the Pirates. And he hasn’t forgotten how long ago they offered.

            “I stand very high with them,” Blake Proehl said. “They offered me on the spot at camp so I know they’ve believed in me since the first time I met them. They’re very high on my scale for sure.”

            Tonight, the youngest Proehl plans to sit down with his family and go over the pros and cons of each school.

            “I’ll just be looking at relationships I already have, who I know and my connections,” he said. “Also, just where I see myself and where I fit in the best. Basically just placing myself in the best situation.”

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