MD CB Visiting This Weekend

Rashad Carmichael has waited a long time for his official visit to Virginia Tech this weekend. The Hokie commitment was slated to visit Tech in December and this weekend, he finally gets to make it up to Blacksburg.

"Yes sir, I'm supposed to be [in Blacksburg] at 5:00 tomorrow," Rashad Carmichael said Thursday night. "I've been looking forward to this for a while. I was supposed to go December 9th and we were in the state championship game then so I didn't get to. It's been on my mind for a minute."

This weekend, Carmichael will get a chance to meet the individuals he will call his "family" in the coming years. "I've been reading up on them all season and watch the games, and I feel like I have another family there. It's different between watching Virginia Tech this year versus last year [since I committed."]

It's that family atmosphere that Virginia Tech maintains that helped draw Carmichael to Blacksburg. After all, he is used to the family atmosphere after spending four years at Gwynn Park High School. "What I want to do when I go to Virginia Tech, how I want the team to turn out, is like how we are here," Carmichael said. "We're a family. We're together all the time. The last four years in high school they've been my older and younger brothers. We stick together and work hard and it pays off. We won the state this year so it really paid off."

Not only did it pay off on the field, it will also pay off in the classroom where Carmichael believes that all 24 seniors on Gwynn Park's team will sign scholarship papers to play football at the next level – 10 of which will go to D-I schools.

With talent like that, it's no wonder Gwynn Park won the state title this year. And Carmichael was a big part of their success in 2005. "I felt like I contributed to the team a lot," he said. "Usually I just play defensive back, but this year I had to step up and play tailback also. I played both sides of the ball until the 8th game of the year. I got hurt [with a torn meniscus,] unfortunately I got hurt, and I could have played, but they didn't want me to risk it so they sat me out. It was tough watching us go through the playoffs and tough games. Sometimes I thought I let my team down but we're brothers and they said that I'm part of the team and they know I've been working out with them since January when we were in the 8th grade."

Prior to his injury, however, Carmichael turned heads with his play on the field. "It was funny," he noted. "Playing defensive back, since my name had spread, no-one would throw the ball my way. Nobody caught a pass on me all season. I had a lot of knockdowns but no interceptions. On offense I averaged 13-yards per carry before the injury."

Though Carmichael did well on offense, he knows defense is his calling at the next level. "Defense, I love it," he said. "You get to play hard, talk a little trash, and hit somebody. That's the fun part. Practicing and hitting. What I'm most looking forward to is practice. I don't know what it is, but it's fun to me. It's a hobby. The working hard part's one thing that's not going to be a problem."

Note: Carmichael's knee is currently doing much better. Though he was unable to run indoor track that is currently in season, he will run outdoor track which is coming up soon. "I had a partially torn meniscus and they had to take a scope and clean a little stuff out," Carmichael said of his injury. "It never really bothered me, it was just when I stopped it hurt. The doctors said it's not that serious but they wanted me to stop, rest, and be ready."

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