Hall Explains Commitment, Va. Tech Fit

Dinwiddie (Va.) High quarterback Chris Hall knew where he wanted to go, and he knew he wanted to play tight end in college, so he figured why wait to commit? So, Monday morning he made the phone call, then he spoke to VTInsider.com to talk about why he committed, why he wants to play tight end in college, and what he needs to work on before he arrives on the Blacksburg, Va., campus.

Although Marshall and Virginia told Chris Hall he could play quarterback, he had no interest.

The Dinwiddie (Va.) High star and the Hokies' latest commitment always wanted to attend Virginia Tech, and is looking forward to the physical play associated with the Hokies' tight ends.

"Smashmouth," Hall said about Virginia Tech's style. "They always block there. They always have their heads held high. They want to be physical, and they want to pound and then play-action off of that, and I like that because it helps me be physical."

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound Hall will be Dinwiddie's quarterback next season, the second straight he will be under center, but he doesn't believe the transition to tight end for the fall of 2011 will be difficult.

After all, Hall was a tight end at Dinwiddie before moving to quarterback last season.

"It won't be tough at all," Hall said. "I'll just have to work on my blocking, but other than that, everything is going to be ok because I used to play the position anyway. I like quarterback a lot, but sometimes in the back of my mind, I wish I could get out there and catch the ball a couple of times."

Hall knows what adjustment must be made.

"It's just rusty now," he said. "I have to work on it. Get low. Bend my knees and get low."

As a junior, Hall completed 166 of 30 passes for 2,677 yards and 23 touchdowns. He also threw 13 interceptions, and rushed 104 times for 451 yards and six touchdowns.

That came after a sophomore season in which Hall made 16 receptions for 168 yards and a touchdown and carried 43 times for 270 yards and four touchdowns while splitting time between running back and tight end.

There is plenty Hall can take from being a quarterback back to the tight end position.

"It will help me be able to lead more people," Hall said. "Quarterbacks are the biggest leaders on the football team. Coach Mills helps us out with our leadership skills. We learn how to be a better leader, so it will just give me a lot of leadership at that position.

"It will be way easier to go up to the line and understand what coverage they're in, and what they're probably going to do at the snap of the ball."

Hall also discussed why he wanted to play tight end at Virginia Tech rather than quarterback somewhere else.

"I thought it would be easier for me to adapt and go to a championship program, where a lot of coaches understand, and they're on me like my coaching staff here at Dinwiddie," Hall said. "They teach me a lot of things, and they just keep pressing for me to get better and better. They press me to do above what I have just done."

As for the time frame and why he chose Virginia Tech on this particular day, Hall had said it was a variety of factors that led to his decision.

"I just felt comfortable with doing it today. I knew it was time," said Hall, who explained what he likes about the Hokies. "The way they conduct themselves on and off the field. It's the academic excellence, and the way they can perform on the field."

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