Hitting, Work Ethic Makes Aromire Stand Out

There was no fancy dinner, no big celebration party the night Woodson High (Washington, D.C.) defensive back Adeboye Aromire committed to Virginia Tecch last week. Instead, what Aromire did in the hours after he made his non-binding pledge speaks volumes of his character, and his approach to life and football. Aromire told VTInsider.com what he did after committing, and it is not what you expect.

After Adeboye Aromire made arguably the biggest decision of his life, the Woodson High (Washington, D.C.) cornerback celebrated by working an 11-hour shift.

Yup, Aromire committed to Virginia Tech last Friday morning, then headed to Nationals Park to spend the afternoon and night working in a stockroom as the Washington Nationals hosted the Chicago White Sox.

"It was fine," he said. "I could watch the game if I wanted to, but I didn't."

The workmanlike approach isn't reserved to his job. It is the way Aromire looks at football as well, and his hard-nosed style comes through.

"I have a reputation for being a hard hitter," Aromire said. "I feel like being the best …when people are intimidated by you, that's a way of showing you're the best, being best, so I feel if I can do things to make it so teams are intimidated by me, than that is going to make me excel.

"One way is hitting them with all you've got, and it's going to make them scared to do things on the field."

Aromire, who stars at safety for Woodson High (Washington, D.C.), is heading to Virginia Tech to play boundary cornerback, which means he will be heavily involved in stopping the run and also in the Hokies' zone passing defense.

"The boundary corner is a position where you have to be able to assist in the rush defense, and I'm going to get tackles, I'm a strong tackler, and you have to be a strong, physical player and you have to be a good zone corner. I've been playing corner my whole life before I came to (Woodson High) before my junior year.

"I think with some fine tuning I could be an excellent corner at this level and in college."

Although Aromire is playing strong safety for Woodson, he will have plenty of time to make the adjustment to cornerback once he arrives on Virginia Tech's campus.

Aromire will graduate in December and enroll at Virginia Tech in January, which means he will participate in spring practice.

"I think it's going to be a very, very good opportunity and a big advantage of it," he said. "A lot of schools, they really evaluate, teach and train in the spring. Then, when it comes down to the fall, that's when it's game planning and getting ready to play ball games rather than training and evaluating.

"So I feel like if I get there in the spring and get a chance to be taught and trained differently, I'm going to be a step ahead of the people in my class in the fall."

Aromire said Virginia Tech was his leader since he visited the campus and took in the spring game and he was able to see the campus, spend time with the coaching staff and absorb the atmosphere.

"I decided to go with Virginia Tech because it had the best fit for me and my prosperity, "he said. "They have a great defensive coordinator, very prestigious, one of the top defenses in the nation. They're the highest (ranked) team to offer me. They want me to come play boundary corner. It's a lot of things.

"The big thing about it is it's a great college town. The people are really involved. All they care about is the school and the program, and the prosperity of the program."

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