Greenwood Breaks Down UMD Visit

For all the times Gonzaga receiver Jabari Greenwood had been in College Park, Md. -- for junior days, practices, games and the like – he had never really seen the school in totality. But on June 2, the 6-foot-3, 190-pound three-star took a personal visit to Maryland following his brother's graduation and called it "really, really good."

For all the times Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.) receiver Jabari Greenwood had been in College Park, Md. -- for junior days, practices, games and the like – he had never really seen the school in totality. But on June 2, the 6-foot-3, 190-pound three-star took a personal visit to Maryland following his brother's graduation and called it "really, really good."

"I've been up to Maryland so much, but I had never really seen the whole campus before, or really looked into what the whole program was about," said Greenwood, who holds offers from programs like UMD, Michigan State, Kentucky, NC State, Illinois, Rutgers, Boston College, Iowa, Wake Forest, Virginia, Pittsburgh and others. "I'm so used to it there, I thought I had seen everything. But I didn't realize how big the campus was; how much they have to offer there academically; and how they're making strides in athletics.

"They're moving to the Big Ten, and they have a lot of really good plans for the future like the new indoor facility and a bunch of other stuff. Maryland is moving in the right direction."

Greenwood, who toured around with his recruiter, Mike Locksley, said he saw the football players' dorms, met several professors, talked to a couple current Terps and had sit-downs with head coach Randy Edsall and receivers' coach Keenan McCardell. He noted how strong the athlete support system is at Maryland, and how Edsall has his players' best interests in mind. He also expressed how comfortable he is on campus and around the university in general.

But it was his conversations with Edsall and McCardell that resonated.

"That was my first time talking to Coach Edsall one-on-one and that went really well. He's a calm, cool guy, and he didn't down any other schools or pressure me. He just told me what Maryland could offer me, and he did a real good job of that," Greenwood said. "He said after my first year, [Maryland is] going to be looking for receivers with Deon Long and Stefon Diggs moving on, and how I could step in for them and be a presence in the Big Ten. And he pretty much was telling me how [the Terps] were my first offer and he always liked my game. That meant a lot, and it was something to think about.

"Coach McCardell, that [talk] went real well too. He brings a lot of experience as a receiver and played in the NFL, and I think I can definitely learn a lot from him. I was actually talking to a couple guys like Stefon and Levern [Jacobs], and they both said they've already picked up things from [McCardell]. They said the guy definitely knows what he's talking about."

Greenwood said Locksley didn't really impart much new information, mainly because the two have known each other for two-plus years now. The Gonzaga receiver first came in contact with UMD's offensive coordinator early during his high school career and has stayed in touch consistently since then.

"I have a terrific relationship with Coach Locksley, and he's pretty much the reason why I'm considering Maryland in the first place," Greenwood said. "He was straight up with me as always, and told me pretty much what I wanted to hear – that I could be a difference maker there and how much I was needed."

Right as Greenwood was leaving College Park, elite DeMatha (Hyattsville, Md.) cornerback Tyler Green showed up. The two are friends and have talked about going to school together in the past.

"We really weren't together on the visit, and actually I haven't talked to Tyler about colleges in awhile," Greenwood said. "We did talk about going to the same school at one point, but right now I think we're both doing our own thing."

Regardless of what Green may or may not do, Greenwood said he still has UMD firmly in play. He said the Terps are in his top five or six, along with Kentucky, Michigan State, NC State, Illinois and Rutgers.

"When people ask me my top five, I say Kentucky, MSU, NC State, Illinois and Rutgers, but Maryland is easily right there with Illinois and Rutgers," Greenwood said. "But Kentucky, MSU and NC State are the three standing out a bit. I'm definitely looking at the other ones, but those are the three that are sort of my top right now."

Greenwood went on to detail why the Wildcats, Spartans and Wolfpack hold an edge. Kentucky, of course, has been considered the favorite for a while now, and it was fairly obvious from the Gonzaga wideout's comments that is likely the case.

"When I visited Kentucky it was just a really good situation for me all-around," Greenwood said. "I can go in, play quickly, and the offense fits me perfectly. I have a very good relationship with their receivers' coach, and I just feel really good about the program.

"NC State, I liked it a lot when I visited and I know people that are going there. [Former DeMatha defensive end Deonte Holden and others] have told me great things about them, and how it's a program on the rise. And Michigan State, I'm definitely getting up there for a visit later in June or July. I have a real good relationship with their coaches too and it's a major Big Ten program."

Greenwood then explained how the likes of Maryland, Illinois and Rutgers could work into the game. He said each of those schools are on his mind and will have a chance to vault to the top of his list.

"Rutgers was in my top three last summer, but now they have new coaches. I have to get back up there to see how the new guys are, so until then the jury is out," Greenwood said. "For Maryland, after going over there [June 2], they're definitely right up there, and they just have to keep doing what they're doing and we'll see what happens. And Illinois, my teammate, Reggie Corbin, just committed there and they have some new quarterbacks and are changing up the offense. So I want to give them a look this summer too."

The Gonzaga receiver plans to visit MSU, Illinois and Rutgers at some point later this summer. He has no return trips set for Kentucky, Maryland or NC State as of yet. The only other schools he might take in are Virginia -- his teammate Nick Johns is committed there and has urged Greenwood to see the school -- and Ohio State, which has been in touch and could offer if Greenwood shows well at camp.

"Ohio State is the only school I'd consider camping at," Greenwood said. "I'm looking to do that later this month if I can make it. But besides that and seeing Rutgers, Illinois and Michigan State, I don't really have any other visits in mind. I'll try to see UVA with Nick, and anything could come up, so you never know -- but nothing else is planned right now."

If Greenwood is able to take all his desired trips, he should be ready to pick his school in August. If not, the announcement could be delayed until November or later.

"Hopefully it'll happen before the season, but if not then maybe during the fall or soon after. I don't really have a problem delaying [my commitment] if I'm not ready," Greenwood said. "I'm thinking the only thing that could really delay it, though, is like if Ohio State or another school like that said they were going to offer and wanted to see some [senior] film or something. Other than that, I'm thinking I'll be able to see what I need to [in order to make a decision] this summer."

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