Dean Gives Defense Report

Virginia defensive tackle David Dean gives his report on the defense ahead of UVa's opener against UCLA.

Virginia defenisve tackle David Dean talked with the media on Tuesday morning about where the defense stands before opening kickoff. Full audio above, and here are some of the key points. 

Notes from the teleconference. 

The Pass Rush: According to David DeanMike MooreTrent Corney and Kwontie Moore have all added to the pass rush, and says he doesn't feel that that will be a problem area for the defense. Dean also adds that the pass rush is not a final product, they will continue to improve and are all headed in the right direction. Dean says Corney is playing with confidence, which means he doesn't stop and think about everything. He is comfortable in the system. 

The Front Seven: Dean says the front seven are going to bring the pressure from all sides. They understand Jon Tenuta has a lot of things he needs from his defense and this summer the defense has been creating penetration, sacking the quarterback and also stoppinf the run. 

Expect Surprises: David Dean says the defense has a few new thigs that can surprise UCLA, espcially if the Bruins are going to use the film from last year. 

On Rosen: Dean says they are preparing for the system, because the offensive coordinator won't change the system. They are still going to be a quick them, a spread offense. Dean says at the end of the day the quarterback, Josh Rosen, is new but he is still running the still system. Therefore, having no video is not as big as a challenge as it could be. 

Last Year's Game: Last season the UVa defense contained the Bruins, however, the offense created too many turnovers which led to scores. Dean says there were some positives the team can build from that, however, you can't feel good about a loss. He said the biggest takeaway from that game was a game can't divide the team. And those oh crap moments can tear the team apart. 


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