Severin Eager to Play at Rose Bowl

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-- Virginia wide receiver Canaan Severin is ready to open the Cavaliers' season on Saturday. Severin discusses the season ahead, his health and more.

Nine years ago Canaan Severin and his brother snuck down to watch the 2006 Rose Bowl between Texas and USC. On Saturday, Severin will be on the same field as his childhood icon, Vince Young, graced. 

"I couldn't imagine nine years ago watching that game, thinking that I was going to play in the Rose Bowl too," said the Virginia wide receiver. "It's exciting. I'm excited about the opportunity."

Severin and the Cavaliers open the season against No. 13 UCLA on Saturday in Pasadena, California. According to the senior wide out, the Cavaliers have tried to make this camp season and offseason "special," making sure the 'Hoos not only are fit and healthy for the season, but that the group has the appropriate mindset before kickoff.

The 6-foot-2, 205 pounder had to deal with his share of adversity during his time at UVa. After a quiet first two seasons, Severin jumped onto the scene last season after making a conscience effort to drop his weight to become more elusive.

“Sometimes, young men get here and they bring all their accolades with them and all the bravado and think that they’ve arrived,” said UVa head coach Mike London last September. “Sometimes you have to take that edge off them a little bit and introduce them to ‘No, you’re a student first.’ So, I think he got the message.” 

Now Severin is one of the many veterans that is now leading the team. The Massachusetts native is now one of four captains for London's squad, and although the playmaker had to sit out some practices in August due to an upper body injury, Severin was still helping out the other receivers. "I can be a leader from the sidelines," he said. "I don't have to be on the field." 

Severin will be on the field on Saturday after fully recovering from his camp injury. There he hopes his and UVa quarterback Matt Johns' strong friendship off the field will translate into some magic on it. 

"We're all for 1-5," said Severin. "In there huddle there is something special about [Matt Johns]. He is always encouraging... He is a guy you want calling the shots." 

Severin and the California will try to start the season on the right foot at 3:30 P.M. on Saturday against the Bruins. 

**Severin talks about Matt Johns, his health and much more in the video above.** 


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