Wahee Discusses State of UVa Defense

Virginia junior safety Will Wahee discusses the state of the Virginia defense ahead of UVa's home opener against Notre Dame.

Virginia will host Notre Dame on Saturday for its home opener. UVa junior safety Will Wahee talked to the media about the state of the defense on Tuesday.


Here are some of the main notes from his teleconference. 

Impressions on Zaire: Wahee says Zaire is a more of a dual threat quarterback rather than Josh Rosen being a pocket passer, but at the end of the day they are focused on getting pressure. 

Bringing the Pressure: Wahee says they need to correct their mistakes to deliver the pressure they did not deliever against UCLA. He says the defense had a lot of technique erros in the badk end. He said Rosen did make great throws, but techinque problems were seen on film and will need to be fixed.  

Challenges with an accurate passer: It makes it harder, said Wahee, but you still have to continue to play your game. If they make good throws, Wahee says, they just need to make sure they are as close as possible. 

Wahee kept retierating that they need to just focus on the game and "not to get too lost in the hype" of playing a ranked Notre Dame team at home. 


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