The Irish is Just Another Game for Burbank

Virginia offensive lineman and senior captain Ross Burbank held a teleconference on Wednesday to talk about the men in the trenches, and how the injuries will affect the team moving forward.

Virginia offensive lineman Ross Burbank held a teleconference on Wednesday with the media. 


Notes from the teleconference 

Just Another Game?: Burbank says they aren't looking at the name of the schools, but just how the team plays and how they scheme. 

Notre Dame Front Seven: Burbank says Notre Dame and UCLA playing a little different with the Irish playing a more pressure style defense compared to the Bruins. 

A lot of Injuries in First Week: Burbank says he didn't really notice inordinate amount of injuries in the first week. 

Time Possession, does it matter?: Burbank says it is frustrating for the team when they can't convert the six points, and have to settle for the field goal. He says sometimes time possession does factor in, but at the end of the day if you aren't scoring points at the end of those long possession, time of possession means nothing and doesn't factor in. 

On the running game: Burbank agreed with full back Vincent Croce that the run game was almost there. After watching film Burbank said they missed a couple of blocks or they could see little errors that if corrected the running game can pop. 

Jaylon Smith: Burbank says he is similar to UCLA's Myles Jack-so it's a similar game plan they had for the Bruins. "They are a very talented group," he said. 

Depth on the Line: Burbank says he still thnks that they have a lot of games that have played and a lot of guys that have made starts. He says he is still confident in the guys they have, and everyone is pushing each other. 

Daniel Hamm: "he is an explosive guy," said Burbank. "He is workhorse." Burbank desrcibed him as a bowling ball and he is excited to get him back soon. (Hamm was out with a wrist injury against UCLA and only played on special teams). He also adds he loves all of their backs. 

Expectations on the run game: They didn't get it done in regards to the run game against UCLA, "but the season isn't done after game one," said Burbank. He says they are keeping their schemes and doing what they are doing, because you don't want to change something after only one game out. 


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