Notes from Virginia head coach Mike London's ACC teleconference

Virginia head coach Mike London held his weekly ACC teleconference on Wednesday. Here are notes from the call.

Notes from ACC Teleconference: 

Opening Statement: London opens up saying it was a very productive week, no one fell with the what ifs and what could have happened. He adds he doesn't want to talk coach speak, but it is about them and what they do ahead of the game on Saturday. 

Biggest Takeaway: London is focused on improving, and have the ability to improve each and every game. London says he was very pleased how the offense was able to move the ball bettwe in the second game, and how they were able to stop them on third down. Now the 'Hoos need to focus on getting turnover, which they have not done before. London says the first two games are proably the hardest tests a team can have. He says the team has a "can do attitude." It's just about getting better. 

Playing FCS Opponent: London says he has been on both sides of the coin. The head coach says he has been on the other side at the FCS level where they goal is to have a big game and get the opportunities to have a big game. Thats why he says, the team is focused on getting better themselves: getting to the quarterback, finishing games, moving the ball well on offense-bascially do everything possible to improve and not let your guard down. "We have to be a team that can win a football game in a while," said London. 

Tight Ends as Pass Catchers: London mentions Charlie Hopkins and Evan Butts as two key guys. MLondon says Butts will be "a great football player." 

Close Loses: London says he belives that there is a experience that will happen that will be very positive for this programs, so they can't concentrate on the what ifs. They need to bounce back. The head coach says this team can play against anyone, they need to execute. 

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