Matt Johns Talks Ahead of Pitt

UVa quarterback Matt Johns is excited for a fresh start in the ACC. Johns discusses Pittsburgh and the challenges this week.

UVa quarterback Matt Johns met with the media on Wednesday. Johns talks about the struggles this year, and what needs to be done ahead of Pittsburgh on Saturday.  

Teleconference Notes 

Specific Things He Has Worked On: Johns says he has been working on breaking down the Pitt defense, stepping into his throws, and trying to get players to ready to get ready for the Panthers. 

Staying Around Fall Break: Matt Johns says he also stayed around (he added he always stays to get better for fall break), Johns says the team had a practice run without the coaches 

On Pitt's Defense: They have a great front seven, and they pressure very well. During the game against the Hokies you can tell you that they were out hustling the Virginia Tech team, said Johns.

How do you handle when teams focus on Canaan: Johns says a lot of times you have to go to your checked on, and hit your running backs. 

What can you learn from the second interception in Boise State game: Johns says they had run the play a few times, and it was  a matter of time they anticipated it. He says the defender was behind the tackle and after he threw it he saw him come around. 

Doni Dowling Back after TJ returned last week: Johns says it is exciting to have the weapons back. 

On the mindset: Johns reiterates they are remaining positive and will hopefully will build off of that. 

Creating a momentum with defense struggling: "We have to create our own momentum," said Matt Johns. 

How different is this Pitt team: Johns says they run a very different schemes. They are very well coached, and they play hard and physical, but they have to bring their game. 

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