New Virginia Pledge Christian Brooks: An Honor to Play at UVA

Christian Brooks is a Wahoo. The Centreville (Va.) defensive end made his commitment to Virginia on Saturday. He discussed his decision to commit to UVA with Scout's

In the end there was simply no other school for Christian Brooks.

"It's truly a blessing and an honor to go and play at a school like UVA," said Brooks. 

The Centreville (Va.) defensive end committed to the Cavaliers on Saturday morning, and it was his connection to Virginia head coach Mike London that sealed his decision. 

"I look up to him (London), and he is very spiritually oriented, which I love about him," he said. "Also the fact that its two hours away. There are so many signs from God saying that this is the place, we can fit here.  I sent God so many prayers where I should go, what I should do, so its been a lot of prayers that have been answered that just made it pretty clear."

Last weekend, Brooks made the trip to Charlottesville with his family. During that visit his younger brother, Caleb, picked up an offer from the Wahoos as well. During that trip, Brooks made a connection that would set the Cavs apart. 

"I think what really helped me was a visit to the church down there,"said Brooks. "I'm a member of a church called the International Church of Christ, so it's worldwide, it's everywhere.  So I went to the church down there, and I met up with the people from the church and I loved it.  There are some great people there it was so fun to go and talk to them and see the sermon.

"I heard Coach London may be leaving, he may be fired," he added. "But he wanted to show me that he has a good chance of staying there, and that was the biggest thing.  I got more impressed with Coach London and I want to play for him."

So when it as time for the 6-foot-5, 220-pound Brooks to make the call to the UVA head coach, he was excited to hear that London also wanted him to play for the Cavs. 

"He said he was ready to jump off the walls. He was pretty excited.  He said he was praying to God for it.  He was really excited that I committed and he told everybody right when I made the phone call, everybody on his staff. He was just about to go to the meeting so he told everybody.  He was super hyped and super excited for it."

With his commitment to his Centreville High School team and his church, Brooks is unsure when he will set his official visit to Virginia. "Not soon, probably after the season.  Right now I'm pretty busy the next couple weeks."

But he knows one thing for sure. he wants to make Virginia his new home, which means bringing a few family and friends a long. 

"I would love for my brothers to join me, especially Caleb...I just want my whole family to go there. Also part of my other family, Kobie Turner, he may not get an offer, but I'd love for him to come and just like start us up again and have us all going to the same school. And A.J. Turner (South Carolina running back) too,   that would be awesome for him to come up. We'd all be one family again up at UVA, all together again."

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