UVA Quarterback Matt Johns Calls for Focus Against Miami

Virginia quarterback Matt Johns talked to the media on Wednesday about the upcoming game against Miami.

Virginia quarterback Matt Johns held a teleconference on Wednesday to discuss the offense's improvement, the run game, Miami and much more. 


Notes from Teleconference 

Ending the Road Skid: He doesn't know what it is but Johns says it is about staying focused and locked in and of course doing what they do. He says Georgia Tech was the first game he says the team put together four quarters, the best four quarters all year. He added finishing the game will be very important. 

Atmosphere at Miami: Johns says he doesn't worry about game atmosphere, he is just focused on what they do and not the surrounding affects. 

OL Improvements: Johns says they are playing as a full unit and they are taking care of him. He says allt he credit goes to the men in the trenches, they are ones that win game for them. 

The TE production: Johns says you have to get what the defenses gives you, and thats what they've been seeing that the tight ends can be sucessful for the team. He says this is what he has known for a while, the offense has many weapons. 

The Offense he Envisioned: Johns says that this is what he saw from the team. He said the coaches have told the team that the best teams get better as the season goes on. He says each experience has helped the team. Last year the team lost 4 straight after the bye week, that can't happen. All they can do is to continue moving forward and getting better. 

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