UVA Head Coach Mike London Knows Miami Presents a Challenge

Virginia head coach Mike London talked about Miami in his ACC teleconference call on Wednesday. He discusses Matt Johns, Miami's weapons and much more.

Virginia head coach Mike London talked to the media on Wednesday in his ACC teleconference call. Full audio of the call is available above. 

Notes from the Teleconference 

Opening Statement:  London opens up saying that this is the second week in a row that the 'Hoos are facing a team that will be coming off a last minute win. He says that the Canes are playing very well under Larry Scott and will provide a challenge for the Cavs. 

On Matt Johns: London opens up by saying that Matt Johns played well against Georgia Tech, saying that he did very well buying more time when he stepped in the pocket. He was able to look at the progressions and not make rash decisions and throws. He also didn't rush into using his legs and making something happen when nothing is there. The goal every week for Johns is to get better, he added. London said thats what he saw from last week's win over the Yellow Jackets. 

On Canes' last play against Duke: London once again reiterated what he said on Monday, the 'Hoos have watched the last play, they understand you play until the end. He also says the Cavs also practice those last game scenarios and how to defend those. 

On Taquan Mizzell: London was asked if Smoke was tougher this season than years past, and the head coach simply said he is a smarter player than years past. He added that vision and execution of the plays will also make you tough. He finishes by saying that Mizzell always had the tools and always had the mental toughness 

On Miami's Secondary: London admits the Canes have a lot of threats in the secondary like Elder and Burns, so for the 'hoos the run game will be especially important. 

Coastal Chance: London ends by saying that he absolutely believes Virginia is in the Coastal race. A lot of things can happen until the end of the season, but it starts by going each game at a time. 

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