UVA's Micah Kiser Focused on Ending Season on a High Note

Virginia linebacker Micah Kiser discusses the team's mindset the final two games, as the Cavs hope to end the season with a winning record at home.

Virginia linebacker Micah Kiser talked to the media on Tuesday about UVA's upcoming game against Duke and finishing the season strong. Audio of the teleconference is available above, while notes are below. 

Notes from the Teleconference 

Motivation for Rest of Season: Kiser opens up by saying that obviously is to win the last two games, since Duke and Virginia Tech are two teams he has not beaten in his time at UVA. He also adds that he wants to send off the seniors like David DeanKwontie Moore, and Mike Moore on a high note. 

Duke QBs: Kiser says both Blue Devils quarterbacks can run and pass. He said the defense needs to focus on forcing Duke to throw the ball by defending the run. 

Resilient Team: Kiser said this time has seen every type of defense this season. He adds that this group is a resilient team that has seen a lot of close losses. He adds he has been proud that this team has shown so much fight. 

On Smaller Crowds at Scott Stadium: Kiser was asked how the smaller crowds affected the team, he said when the game starts those things are secondary to the team. He said that although the crowd at Georgia Tech was small, the crowd got loud for the team when it matters like on third downs. He said the team fed off of that. 

On Zach Bradshaw: Bradshaw's status for the next game is still uncertain, and Kiser says he is confident with whoever lines up for the Cavs,  because C.J. Stalker, Mark Hall, Bradshaw and himself have all been present at the meetings together. 

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