UVA's T.J. Thorpe Dissects Future; Duke

Virginia wide receiver T.J. Thorpe talked with the media on Wednesday about his future. Thorpe gives his frank answers on where he stands with the team and much more .

Virginia wide receiver T.J. Thorpe met with the media on Wednesday morning. The senior wide out talked about his plans after graduation and the challenges that await UVA against Duke. 

Notes from the Teleconference

Facing Duke: Thorpe says playing Duke is the same as before, although he admits that when he was at UNC this was their rivalry game so it's a little different. 

Assessment of last season: Thorpe said that obviously it is not the season he thought he would have. Thorpe said there are a lot of factors that go into everything. He said he doesn't regret his decision to come to Virginia and play with the group. He says it's just the nature of football that the plays weren't made-adding some of the throws were called for pass interference when they were thrown to him. 

Whats Next For You: Thorpe says his priority is to make a team, but being injured added an insight into what he wants to continue after. Thorpe says he is considering being a coach, but he doesn't think he is going that route because he is a family guy. He doesn't want to keep moving his family around with how the environment is with football coaches right now. He said he is looking at things to be around the sport like kinesiology (he is picking up his masters this December). He also mentioned being an Athletic Director. 

Playing with Small Crowd: Thorpe says you know ahead of time by looking at the schedule how the crowd will be. The wide receiver added you knew who was going to show up. He says he knew his support system like his family is going to be there. No one in the crowd is going to make sure you catch the ball, he said. He said the team is going to be their own crowd and their own fans to get each other together. The crowd "doesn't define" the team.

Jeremy Cash: Thorpe says by watching him he noticed he can make good plays in the run game. After watching him the past two seasons, Thorpe says he respects Cash's ability. He says he will be challenge for the Cavaliers. He says the wide receiver group will need to go to another level in order to beat Cash.  

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