Osiris Crutchfield Picks Up Two Offers

Osiris Crutchfield is one to watch in the final months before signing day. The Western Albemarle defensive tackle stormed onto the scene his senior season and picked up two offers. Crutchfield talks about his recruitment and more with Scout.

Osiris Crutchfield has become a name to know. The Crozet (Va.) Western Albemarle defensive tackle was named the Conference 29 Defensive Player of the Year, and his senior year performance has not gone unnoticed. 

The 6-foot-4, 225 pounder picked up two new offers this fall from VMI and Virginia. 

"The VMI one I knew was coming," said Crutchfield,"but Virginia was a little out of the blue - so it did blow my mind a little bit." 

UVA linebackers coach Mike Archer was the one to extend the offer to the 2016 playmaker. Crutchfield admits he still needs to learn more about the Cavaliers, however, living so close to Charlottesville has allowed him to learn a few things about the Wahoos. 

"Being in the area you can kind of see all the hype. I'm definitely excited; I can definitely go there," he said. "It is really close to home. And I know the area very well, and I heard it's a pretty good school. I heard the program is very good as well." 

Although Crutchfield has two suitors, he is no rush to make a decision. 

"I'm seeing what else is out there too. I want to see whats best for me," he said. "If you're not happy then theres no point of going. So thats whats really important to me."

Right now, however, the focus is on the Western Albemarle football team, who is the number one seed in its district. 

"Trying to play the best you can and try to make a long playoff run."

Western hosts Staunton river on Friday night. 

**UPDATE** Crutchfield is among the expected visitors for UVA's game against Duke on Saturday. 

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