Osiris Crutchfield Picks Virginia After Visit

Virginia football added its 27th commitment on Sunday after Crozet (Va.) Western Albemarle defensive end/defensive tackle Osiris Crutchfield made his decision to pledge to UVA. He discusses his commitment with Scout's HooNation.com

Osiris Crutchfield is a Wahoo. The Western Albemarle standout made the decision to commit to Virginia on Sunday after his visit on Saturday. 

"I'm very excited," said Crutchfield.  "I feel kind of jittery, a little bit, I'm not going to lie."

The 6-foot-4, 225 pounder chose the Cavaliers over VMI to become UVA's 27th commitment in the 2016 class. 

"I got an offer from VMI and it was like, when I went there I could see myself playing there," he explained.  "Even with the military aspect to it, I thought it was a great school. I thought the program and the guys were pretty close and the coaching staff were really into me, so I thought that wouldn't be a bad option. 

"But when UVA offered, and I got to see the whole aspect of it, I got the best of both worlds. I got the football part of it and the education side of it-so I get to do the two things that I really thought were the most important."

When Crutchfield picked up his offer from UVA earlier in the fall, he admitted living close to the school in Crozet, Virginia, gave him some insight into the program. However, after seeing the 'Hoos in action on Saturday, talking to the coaches, and taking in a tour of Grounds, he realized there was no other place he wanted to go. 

"I learned that they are a team on the rise," he said.  "They've had their struggles, but with the group of guys they have coming in and the ones they already have now, they're a team that can do some really good things in the future, and I want to be a part of that. 

"As for the staff, those guys are experienced," Crutchfield added. "They've been all over the place, some of the guys have NFL experience, some of them have coached in big time programs.  I know [UVA Assistant Mike] Archer, the guy I talk to a lot, he coached at LSU for 5 seasons. He's been on around the block a little bit. London's also been around the block. He won the FCS championship with Richmond.  A lot of those guys are experienced and know what they are doing, so I'm excited to be a part of it."

Crutchfield is a defensive tackle and defensive end for the Warriors, and the Cavs expect the 2016 recruit to add to their group of pass rushers. 

" [UVA looks at me] just as the guy who comes in and works hard. I think they wanted me as a pass rusher kind of guy, thats what they really needed - so that is what I expect to do and thats what I think would help me be on the field."

Obviously the college football landscape can change rather quickly with coaching changes. The defensive lineman entered the recruiting process a bit later than most, but says after seeing what he saw from the Virginia program this weekend, it will be hard to top. 

"At this point, I wouldn't say it's OVER over, but it would be hard for another school to match what they have offered for me."
Crutchfield was voted the Conference 29 Defensive Player of the Year after his season with Western Albemarle. 

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