UVA's Micah Kiser Ready for Rivalry Weekend

Micah Kiser is set to face Virginia Tech. The UVA linebacker discusses the Hokies, the team's motivation for Saturday and much more.

Virginia linebacker Micah Kiser held a teleconference on Tuesday with the media. He discussed the upcoming match up with rival Virginia Tech on Saturday and what the Cavs are playing for. 

**Audio above** 

Notes from Teleconference 

Ending the Streak Agaist the Hokies: Micah says their focus this Saturday is making sure they can send the seniors on a high note. He says he has huge respect for this Hokies team and what they have accomplished. 

On the Senior Class:  "they showed us the way," said Kiser. The linebacker said these guys showed the team how to fight until the end-no quite attitude. 

Tenuta in the box upstairs: Kiser says Tenuta just likes it better up there. It's more of a person option for the defensive coordinator.

Playing without Zach: Kiser said Kelvin (Rainey) did a good job with them. Micah says if Zach can't play again this weekend, they will have everything ready to go this week at practice. 

On Virginia Tech Offense: Micah Kiser says the Hokies tight ends are very versatile, and they will adjust to that. Micah says UNC tight end was more like a wide receiver, which is something like what they will face with Bucky Hodges. 

Excited for Defensive showdown?: Kiser says he likes the old school grounded up type of match ups that will be more like a chess match between the offense and the defense. 

Movtivation for Sat.: Kiser says they are focused on themselves. They are focused on sending the seniors out with the win, bringing back the cup. 

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