Mike London Discusses Keys to a Win Over Hokies

Virginia Head Coach Mike London held his final ACC Teleconference of the season on Tuesday. He discusses the keys for Saturday as the 'Hoos look to end a 11-game losing streak to Virginia Tech.

Virginia Head Coach Mike London held his last ACC teleconference of the season on Tuesday. London talked about the challenges Virginia Tech's pass rush and offense will present and much more. 



Opening Statement:London opens up saying they are excited to welcome Virginia Tech to Scott Stadium. They are excited to play against Beamer, an in-state rival and the last home game of the season. 

Slow Starts for Virginia Tech Offenses last few games: London says when they do get it going, they get it going pretty good because they have a lot of good skilled players on the offense. He says it's hard to point why exactly they have started slow the last few games, however, the Hokies have plenty of talent that they need to focus on. 

Playing a Complete Game:London says the game is going to be a very emotional game, but they need to keep their own composure. He also says his team needs to have a consistent outing. They need to start and finish well. He added when ask about his strong start against Duke last week, that a strong start definitely helps the team gain some confidence. 

Hokies Pass Rush: London says you have a "professional respect" for Bud Foster and Frank Beamer, and "those guys get the most of their guys." London says the will miss Nicholson but they will have plenty of players that will step up. 

UVA's Pass Rush: London says they have done a good job applying pressure. He adds that Mike Moore has done a good job for them and Trent Corney has done a good job the last few games, but the Head Coach adds that he will need to have one of his best games on Saturday as well. 

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