Vincent Croce Relishing Opportunity to Beat Hokies

This is Vincent Croce's last chance to beat in-state rival Virginia Tech. The senior captain discusses the big build up to the game and how he is preparing for his last game as a Cavalier.

Vincent Croce has one more chance to record a win over arch rival Virginia Tech. The Cavalier senior captain talked about the Hokies and how he has been preparing for this weekend's clash. 


Recapping Career at UVA: Croce says it was a roller coaster ride-"there are going to be ups and downs with everything with sports and life." 

How Gratifying would a win over Hokies: Croce says it will be huge to get a win like that. Even in his high school days you see these rivalry games and how much impact that has. So being able to do that in college it would round up his college career and bring it around full circle. He adds that this season they preach next game is the most important one, and that does not end this week. 

Build Up to this game: Croce says every year he has been at Virginia there has been a build up to the game. The build up is "tremendous" and Beamer's legacy is very well known. 

Challenges with the Hokies D: Bud Foster loves an aggressive defense, and they do a lot of man coverage, said Croce. He said they are a great defense that does well and the Cavs just needs to execute the game plan that the coaches give them to put the defense on their heels to take some of the aggressions away from them.  

Is this Game Week Different: The only difference is that this is his last game. Croce says as far as the preparation goes, he has just treated it like any other game- looking at their personnel and seeing what they can do. 

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