UVA's Mike London Awaits News: 'I’m at Peace with Myself Right Now'

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-- Virginia head coach Mike London is still waiting to hear if he will return next season. The Cavalier head coach talks about his job status and his team in an emotional post game presser.

Mike London could have very well stood on the Virginia sidelines for the very last time on Saturday night. According to several sources, London coached his final game at UVA and will be let go in the next day or so. 

On Saturday, however, London did not want to discuss the details of his status, instead he wanted to talk about his team and what they mean to him. London answers questions about his job status above, while full video from the post game presser found below. 

Quick Transcript 

Opening statement:
“That’s a tough way to lose a football game. I’m disappointed for our guys and our seniors who are leaving. I thought we gave it an unbelievable effort. We dealt with adversity all season long and we were put in another situation where we had to overcome some things, but we weren’t able to do it at the end. I’m proud of our guys and I’m humbled to be the coach of this team. It’s always tough when you lose close games to your rival, but I want to congratulate them and Coach Beamer. He’s a class act. It’s back to the drawing board for us.”

On the fake punt call late in the first half:
“There are certain looks and audibles you can call out there that would affect that play. They lined everybody up inside so we could block down and bring everybody around. They did a good job of responding to it by running downfield and tackling [Nicholas] Conte and we came up about a yard short. We needed to execute one more yard and we did not.”

On his thoughts on his future at UVA:
“My thoughts are on this game and on our players right now. It’s tough addressing those guys in the locker room right now. I’m thankful and humbled to be the head coach of this team and to have the opportunity to influence young men’s lives. During the course of the season, we played a challenging schedule. We played some tough teams and some tough games. We won some close games and lost some close games. But I’m so proud of the character that those guys have shown over the course of the season. It’s about them and not me. It’s important that they understand that football is a tough game. There are consequences for many things. But I told them, ‘You’re going to be husbands, fathers, sons, employees, and employers for much longer than they will be football players. Your identity is not tied to being just a football player. I understand that we are graded by wins and losses, but you’re so much more than that.’ That’s what I told them, so I’ll leave it at that.”

On Virginia Tech’s big plays down the stretch:
“On that pass to the tight end down the middle, we had to get a hand on him and disrupt his release. We didn’t get a hand on him. I think they had like three plays for about 141 yards and everything else was almost less than 100 yards. Those explosive plays turned the tide of the game.”

On getting pressure on Michael Brewer on defense:
“We tried to mix it up with different line stunts and twists. We were effective early on getting to him. We disrupted throwing lanes and knocked a couple balls down. They did a better job with protection in the second half. They played well when it counted at the end. We were favorable statistically in a lot of areas, but ultimately it’s about the scoreboard at the end.”

On Matt Johns’ interception at the end of the game:
“Matt had been playing well leading up to today. Even in this game, he did some nice things. But your quarterback has to be accurate and facilitate the run after the catch. Matt is a guy who will take a lot of responsibility for these things. He’s a competitor and is hurting just as much as anyone in that locker room right now. We’ve been there before in that situation and we’ve practiced it time and time again. I had complete confidence in Matt to execute there.”

On Canaan Severin’s touchdown catch in the fourth quarter:
“As you all know, Canaan hurt his shoulder in the previous game and was in a lot of pain. He’s the first player I’ve seen in awhile to come back after his shoulder came out and had to be popped back in. I thought his play was outstanding. That’s the kind of guy Canaan is. He’s a tremendous competitor and individual.”

On when he will meet with athletics director Craig Littlepage about his future:
“Whenever I’m called to meet with him.”

Full Presser Video

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