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Richt Remains an Option for Virginia

Mark Richt is back on the table for the Cavaliers. A look at the Virginia football coaching candidate.

Reports circulated on Monday morning that Mark Richt was contemplating retiring from coaching football, and maybe taking up another role at Georgia. But by 10 A.M. things started to change. At his press conference Richt told reporters he has not closed any doors. 

"I am going to listen to anyone that has interest in me, coaching or not, really in any area or arena, that is a possibility," he said . 

Virginia and Richt do have some history. Back in 2000 UVA highly considered the 55-year old for the job, however, Richt chose to head to Athens to coach the Bulldogs. Now the door seems to be open once again, with the Cavaliers very interested in securing the former Georgia coach. 

"If and when I do coach again, I am looking forward to coaching again in terms of being more hands on,” said Richt. “I miss coaching quarterbacks. I miss calling plays. Whether it is in the role of head coach, coordinator, quarterbacks coach, whatever it is, if in fact I choose to do that, I would be really excited about coaching QB's again and getting in the middle of offensive strategy.

"I'm not ready to say what I'm going to do yet," he added, "but it is very attractive to have the option to stay in Athens ... and have the opportunity to help young people."

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