Bronco Mendenhall's Staff is a 'Work in Progress'

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-- Bronco Mendenhall is still trying to put his staff together. The new UVA football head coach calls the task a "work in progress."

Bronco Mendenhall is the new Virginia football head coach, however, there is still now word on who will join him on his staff. On Monday during his introductory press conference, Mendenhall called putting together his staff a "work in progress." 

"There have been some members that have been added to my staff, and interestingly enough, I don't think this is going to be a long process because when you're very clear about what your goals, priorities and standards are, some are attracted to those and some aren't," said Mendenhall.

"Much like student-athletes that might come to Virginia or maybe a place like BYU, it's just not for some. I want those that are here because of those things, and I have a very select group that I think are capable of doing that, many of which are with me now, and so there could be a large number of coaches that come from BYU. That doesn't mean that's exclusively where they'll come from." 

As far as if any Virginia assistants coule stay on that is yet to be determined. Right now Marques Hagans and Chris Beatty are still on the recruiting trail, both of them made trips over the weekend to check in on pledges. This does not mean these two will remain on staff. 

Mendenhall says right now he focused on coaching the Cougars's game against Utah on December 19th. 

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