Christian Brooks Has Faith in UVA

Christian Brooks likes the addition of Bronco Mendenhall to the Virginia family. The Centreville (Va.) defensive end discusses Mendenhall's appointment become the new UVA head coach.

The 2016 class leaned heavily on each other the last few weeks after Mike London and UVA parted ways. 

"We just had to be patient," said defensive end UVA pledge Christian Brooks," and know things are going to work out." 

Brooks along with several other members of the class talked everyday in a group chat, as they waited to hear who the 40th Virginia football coach would be. After five days of waiting, Brooks and his fellow classmates received news that BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall would be their new head coach. 

"I really didn't know much about him," said Brooks.  "Through the group chat, people talking about him and me looking into my own facts, he has a pretty good record. He seems like a standup guy. I won't know until I meet him in person, but from the looks of it, he looks like a really good coach. 

"Everybody is excited because everybody knows he is a good coach," he added.  "Everybody just wants to talk to him." 

Brooks' faith is a priority in his life, and a big reason why he was initially attracted to former Virginia head coach Mike London. However, according to Brooks, he sees Mendehall as a man with high values and morals as well. 

"I do appreciate it a lot . When I go see him that is something I am looking for. I am definitely excited to meet him when I take my official visit. I want to talk to him and see what type of person he is. I want to talk to him one-on-one if I can. People say he is a great coach and a great guy."

Mendenhall has started to reach out to several of the Cavalier pledges, but is also focusing on preparing the BYU squad for their bowl game on December 19. As of Tuesday, Mendehall has not yet called Brooks, but the Centreville High School standout is not bothered. 

"He has a lot on his plate," he said. "I'm not worried about it. He will get to me eventually."

Changes are coming to Virginia, but Brooks' commitment remains steady. 

"I am absolutely UVA. God brought me to this place and gave me faith that everything will work out." 

Brooks is considering an official in January, but has no set date. 

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