Anthony Gill, London Perrantes Discuss Virginia's Win Over Nova

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-- Virginia guard London Perrantes and forward Anthony Gill discuss the Cavaliers' 86-75 win over Villanova.

Virginia Cavaliers Senior Forward Anthony Gill Quotes


On this stretch of personally playing good games:

“My teammates are doing a good job of finding me. I had a few easy shots today because London [Perrantes] was penetrating and all I had to do was go up with it. When they make it that easy for me all I have to do is finish. Coach Bennett challenged me two weeks ago and I wanted to respond to that. I wanted to be the player he wanted me to be. He challenged me to offensive rebound better and respond better to what the coaches were saying to me. I was showing some bad emotions to some of the things they were saying so he challenged me to be better in that area. That’s what I wanted to do – just be quiet and play basketball.”


On his attitude towards rebounding:

“My whole goal is to help my team as much as possible. If that means going hard to get an offensive rebound, then that’s what I’m going to do. I go hard to the glass every time and even if I don’t get the ball I try to get my hand on it somehow to make it accessible to anyone else on my team. That’s what I can do throughout the whole game – just play defense and rebound as best as I can.”


On this current stretch of games:

“London pretty much said it. It’s an exciting stretch of games. Playing these good teams non-conference is really going to help us when we get into the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament.”


On the energy of today’s game:

“I think we knew that we needed to come out strong. Villanova is a good team and they came out strong hitting that three. We knew from the beginning that we had to do what we had to do. We couldn’t start games like we had in the past where teams would get up on us and we’d have to fight our way back. If we got down in this game the way we had in the past I don’t think we would’ve been able to get back because they are such a great three-point shooting team. We pretty much knew that in order for us to be successful in this game we had to come out strong.”


Virginia Junior Guard London Perrantes Quotes


On Villanova’s defense and the opportunity to make open 3-pointers:

“They played pretty hard defensively off the ball. They wanted to get in the passing lanes. I think we took care of the ball and got some good shots every time down. In the first half, we had some silly turnovers. But, I think we got what we wanted the whole game. That goes to us being patient and taking what they give us.”


On Villanova’s four guard attack and making a statement:

“We just wanted to win the game. We didn’t want to make a statement. They have a tremendous four guard attack, especially when they have a big four man that can shoot the ball as well as Kris Jenkins did. We have a bunch of guards, too. We didn’t want to make a statement. We just wanted to win and we came out on top.”


On Virginia’s 3 point shooting vs. Villanova’s:

“We don’t listen to any of that. We knew coming in that they shoot a bunch of 3 pointers but that’s our defense. We were going to give up some three’s but we just wanted to contest them. We could live with contested threes. We have guards that can shoot the ball as well as anyone in the country. We just want to go out there and prove ourselves, and I feel like we did that today.”


On this current stretch of games:

“Coach Bennett asked us before the season when he was making the schedule if we wanted to do this. We all just smiled and were happy that we had this opportunity to play some good teams early in the season. We knew it would help us down the road. Coach Bennett had faith in us and put us to the test. I feel like we’ve responded.”


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