Tony Bennett Talks UVA's Late Win Over Cal

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-- Virginia head coach Tony Bennett discusses UVA's overtime win over Cal on Tuesday night.

Virginia Cavaliers head coach Tony Bennett discusses UVA's overtime win over Cal after the game: 

On having the lead for only 32 seconds: (Video above) 

“You just keep playing. I want to credit Cal for how talented they are, how hard they played, and how well they played. We didn’t start well – we had a hard time. We were a little impatient offensively and were not dialed in defensively. We thought we prepared well for it but we were not. In the second half, we started scrapping defensively. We start really battling and getting stops, and then of course big plays were made. We were running harder offensively with our cuts and guys were attacking at the right time. I just kept saying ‘get a score, get a stop, score, stop, there is still time.” Obviously Malcolm [Brogdon] hit the big three and then we had a little action as a counter to that on the next one. If the three was there for London, great, if not, there was something else. I wouldn’t probably put a lot of money on that in that spot, but you know what, as long as you’ve got the ball, you’ve got a chance. We got it back, so why not? We were down two and I knew we’d get a good look at it.

On the decision to call a certain play to Malcolm [Brogdon] at the end of the game:

“That’s why you always see me pulling out that card and looking at it and going ‘alright, what do we have?’ It could have easily been the wrong call but I just wanted to give him a clean look. He’s been a good player for us and he has some counters. We haven’t used it a lot. I’m glad we used it for this time and this game.”


On Virginia’s last time out:

“The shot London [Perrantes] got, he made the shot. It wasn’t like Malcolm [Brogdon]’s shot – he was wide open. There was an action where if you have a clean look, you can take it. If not, we had enough time to get something attacking out of it. There were two options to it, but he leaned in and he’s done that in the past. If you had a clean look, go for it and see if we can end this thing. If not, we’ll try to make a play in the lane. I’m glad that he did. We rode our guys pretty hard down the stretch. I thought Jarred [Reuter] gave us a great lift. Here’s a guy who hasn’t played much – we used him today and he was solid tonight.”

On UVA's Slow Starts 

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