Deedrick Daniels Loves Bronco Mendenhall's Vision

Deedrick Daniels likes Bronco Mendenhall's vision for Virginia football. The playmaker out of Florida and UVA pledge discusses his in-home visit with Mendenhall and assistant Nick Howell.

On Thursday night Deedrick Daniels had his first chance to sit down with new Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall and assistant Nick Howell, and to say Daniels was impressed would be an understatement. 

"It was very interesting and very intriguing to talk to both of them," said Daniels, a UVA commit. "The vision that coach Bronco has and the change he expects not only the recruits and players that are coming up to do as well [is great]. He is a visionary, and I like that about him." 

The Tampa (Fla.) Chamberlain athlete committed to Virginia's previous head coach, Mike London, in June. However, with Mendenhall he sees some of the same qualities that attracted to London and UVa in the first place. 

"Not only is he [Mendenhall] going to come up there to change the program up at UVa, but also to make better men out of the recruits and the players that are already there," he said.  "Prepare them for life. As we were talking he emphasized a lot of the conversation and discussion based on hard work. Quite frankly I agree with him."

His conversation also helped Daniels receive the ressurance he needed from the new staff. 

"He told me that my tape intrigued him a lot," he said.  "He says I have a lot of potential and talent, and I can go above and beyond as a student athlete. He was very impressed with what my mom was telling him: how I was responsible and discplined. He said by her telling him these things, it's making the procss easier. 

"Those are the things he is looking for in a program." 

Daniels is set to take his official to Virginia on Jan. 22. 

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