Hazelton Keeps Rolling Them In

About what he does best Hazelton says, "Running the deep routes and I have very good juke moves."<

Vidal Hazelton, the wide receiver out of Moore Catholic high school (NY) last year had 780 yards receiving and 17 touchdowns. With his great abilities and those numbers, he has gotten now 10 scholarship offers, including a brand new one this week.

"I just got a new offer from Syracuse, I was surprised because I did not know that they were looking at me, I had just gotten some junk mail from them," said Hazelton.

Along with Syracuse Hazelton has gotten an offer from Virginia, North Carolina, Syracuse, Maryland, Marshall, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Pittsburgh, and Boston College.

What does Hazelton like about Virginia?

"The coaches, the players, the academics, and the campus."

Hazelton has attended the junior days of Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland, Boston College, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina.

About Rutgers: They have real nice coaches.

About Maryland: They have good coaches and top facilities.

About Virginia: Virginia has great coaches and good academics.

About Boston College: Boston College has really good academics.

Out of all the coaching staffs Hazelton says he likes Virginia's the best.

What are some of the things Hazelton is doing to prepare for next season?

"I'm working very hard in the weight room, working to improve my speed, and trying to be better as a wide receiver."

About what he does best Hazelton says, "Running the deep routes and I have very good juke moves."

Hazelton has a 2.8 GPA and will be taking the SATs for the first time on May 7th. Hazelton will also be attending the Nike Camp on April 30th and the Elite College Combine on May 4th.

Editor Note: After this interview Hazelton was offered by Ohio State.

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