Kordell Young: Stud RB Looking To Improve

RB Kordell Young speaks with HooNation to offer up an update on his current season and what he thinks about UVa's season so far as well. Any changes in the future for this talented running back? Find out inside.

In today's world of athletes it's common to find an athlete that has a braggadocios side to them especially when it comes to their respective sport. Some may call it that confident edge or required arrogance but it's not often that will you see a star athlete with a sense of humbleness and a willingness to say there's need for improvement in all facets of their game.

Running back Kordell Young is an example of the latter. Young spoke with HooNation about his season and what his outlook is for the near future.

The West Deptford HS (NJ) star has been on a tear this season and he gave us his stats to this point. "I've run for 958 yards on 87 carries and 16 TD's so far. Right now our team is 5-1." (Breaks down to 11 yards per carry and almost 160 yards per game.) Keep in mind that opposing defenses are keying on Young and to still post those kinds of numbers makes it all that more impressive.

Young's talent level is superb and the drive and determination that he posesses pushes him to an even higher level. While opposing teams and coaches devise plans to slow him down we asked him what makes him such a well rounded back? "Probably my willingness to get better at every aspect of my game."

Already boasting a stable of young running backs Virginia adds another stud to the backfield in Young next season. Could he see some early playing time early in his career? Young thinks it's possible but the reasoning for those thoughts stands out. "I think I can do whatever they want me to do. I'm willing to work my hardest to do it. It all comes down to if somebody works harder than me then I guess they deserve it more than me." His affinity for improving was mentioned again when he said, "Before I get to Charlottesville I want to improve on everything across the board. I don't believe you can be perfect...you only have a chance at getting better at everything."

Kordell's busy schedule has kept him away from Charlottesville for quite some time. Would he be visiting soon and what exactly was his standing with UVa currently? "The last time I went to UVa was over the summer but I plan on taking an official visit to Charlottesville in January."

"There are other schools still recruiting me but I'm not interested in them. I will not take any other visits except to Charlottesville. Yes sir I'm firm in my commitment to UVa."

Even though he's had a hectic senior season Kordell has managed to catch some of the Virginia football games on television when he opportunity presents itself. "I watched the entire Florida State game. I thought it was a big win for the program. It really proved that they can compete with everybody else (elite programs)." One game that Young wasn't able to catch was the following week at North Carolina when the Hoos lost 7-5. "I thought my boys were kidding with me when they told me the score until I found out it was true."

The talent level of New Jersey prep football has risen dramatically over the years and Young has seen his fair share of defensive stars throughout his career. Who are some of the most impressive defensive players he's faced so far? "It's kind hard...Collingsworth has John Dempsey...he's 6'1 230 pounds and is great linebacker. Then there's Brian Friedman that goes to Rutgers now...he was a good one too."

Amassing spectacular numbers thoughout his career Young says that he really doesn't pattern his game after any particular player. He does however have a few that he enjoys watching. "I really like Ray Lewis and my favorite running back would have to be DeShaun Foster. He's been my favorite for a long time and I like how he's always got his legs high." Foster when healthy has shown explosiveness when given the opportunity to carry the ball and in some ways you could say Young has those same capabilities. Gaining eleven yards per carry and scoring over 2 touchdowns a game would definitely merit that statement.

HooNation will keep you updated on Kordell Young and the rest of the commits in the class of 2006 for the University of Virginia.

Scouting Kordell Young
Young, K.
  • Speed is undeniable
  • Not a large RB but still posesses speed/power combo that is very deceptive
  • Could be a diamond in the rough
  • Gets lost behind a large offensive line making him hard to track
  • Some say he's got a Warrick Dunn quality about him given his speed/size and gamebreaking ability
  • Strong work ethic

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