One On One With Will Harris

A candid one on one interview with 2006 UVa hoops signee Will Harris. Inside Harris discusses a multitude of topics concerning his recruitment, relatonship with the staff, goals for the future, his most memorable game, and more. This one is easily one of HooNation's best interviews to date.

Brewster Academy's Will Harris went through one of the most storied recruitments that this analyst can remember in recent years. Through the trials and tribulations though Will has continued to raise his stock and after two previous commitments ultimately signed a letter of intent to play for the Virginia Cavaliers and head coach Dave Leitao.

We recently had the chance to talk with the talented New York native and the results of this Q&A are below.

K: Dave Leitao has made a really positive effect on the Virginia basketball program. What can you share with us about your interactions with him during your recruitment and since your commitment? What really stood out about him and the rest of the staff?

W: Well coach Leitao and I have a very good relationship. Coach has come up twice to see me here at Brewster, and we have spoken on several occasions in order to build the relationship that we have with each other. What stood out to me was how coach Leitao really wants his player to not just excel on the basketball court, but in life as well. Another thing is how competitive the staff is with one another, I love to be in a competitive atmosphere and that staff really loves to be also.

K: What sold you on the University of Virginia?

W: What sold me on UVa is the interest level that they had in me not only as a basketball player but as a person. I loved that they were so persistent with recruiting me. Coach Leitao and especially coach Lanier both did a great job making me feel wanted. I feel that I can come in and help the team right away.

K: Do you have an idea as to what your role with the team will be already?

W: My role will be to come in and bring that winning attitude that I have and to be a leader. I believe that the basketball part will come by itself for us, but I have to keep the guys up, and keep the energy up ALL the time.

K: Sean Singletary is off to a huge start and in my opinion he's one of the nation's best point guards. Have you seen him play and if you have what are your thoughts about playing with him next season?

W: I think that you are right. I've seen Sean play a couple of times before and he is a great player, the thing that stood out to me the most with him is how hard he works in practice, he practices like he is playing a real game and those are the types of players that I like to play with. I'm excited to play with Sean next season, to have a good point guard who is tough and is fearless like Sean makes me excited to get there and help him take UVa to new heights.

K: What position do you prefer to play (shooting guard or small forward)?

W: I like to do a lot of things, I don't really have a preference when it comes to playing the game, I just like to be on the court. The small forward and shooting guard do the same things to me, but if I had to pick I would say more small forward at the college level but at the next level more shooting guard.

K: Who's the toughest player you've had to match up with so far in your career?

W: I'm not sure who the toughest player is. I have had to match up with a lot of good players.

K: Who is your favorite player(s)?

W: My favorite is Lebron James, but I really like Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, and Jason Kidd too.

K: What makes you such a difficult player to defend?

W: I'm a difficult player to defend because I'm able to shoot over and post up smaller defenders and I can drive past bigger guys. I have a lot of skills but I think I'm difficult to defend because I know what I am able to do and I'm confident in it as well. But the versatility is the key.

K: Have you kept in contact with the staff and players at UVa since your commitment?

W: Yes I keep in contact with coach Leitao, coach Lanier, and my boy coach Diener all the time just to check up and find out how things are going.

K: What are your goals for this season before arriving in Charlottesville next year?

W: My goals for this season is to lead my team to a championship, to get better everyday, and to stay on the path that I'm on as far as my work ethic goes.

K: What's your most memorable game and why?

W: I've had a lot of memorable games but the most memorable for me was when I played in a high school all star game in NYC, The Wheelchair Classic. It wasn't memorable because I scored 40 points or anything like that, but because the kids in the wheelchairs were so happy to see us. It was like seeing us really meant a lot to them, as if they were a part of the game themselves. Another thing was after the game, my 4 year old brother comes up to me and he says, "You played good," and then he said, "I wanna go to the NBA like you." That was a good day because I felt that playing in that game touched some young peoples' lives, and it made me feel like I helped them get closer to their goals. That was a memorable game for sure.

K: If you could play one on one with anybody in the world who would it be? If you had a three on three matchup what two players would you want on your squad?

W: If I could play anyone in the world right now I would play against myself. I would play against myself because I do a lot of trash talking and I know it would be a competitive game, that would be really fun. If I could play a 3 on 3 I would have Shaquille O'Neal and Lebron James on my team because we would be able to play a team game and we have everything we need to win: toughness, shooting, rebounding, a legit big man, and we have a world of heart between the 3 of us.

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Brewster Academy is set to take on Bridgton Academy later on today at 6:00 PM. HooNation will continue to keep you updated on Will Harris' season at Brewster Academy.

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