On Campus with a New ‘Hoo

Will Hill graduated from Lafayette High School early so that he could enroll at Virginia in January. Hill spoke with HooNation about what the first few months as a college student have been like.

One of the newest additions to the University of Virginia football team, defensive end Will Hill has been on campus since January 10th. HooNation caught up with Hill and learned that Charlottesville is everything he hoped it would be and more.

HooNation: What were your first few weeks of college like?

Hill: My first few weeks were great. I have met so many new people. It was crazy just getting used to all my new surroundings and meeting so many new friends.

HooNation: What has it been like adjusting to life on campus?

Hill: Well the toughest part has been choosing what to do with my free time, just making sure that my priorities are in order. That's what the toughest part of college is, just making sure I manage my time correctly and keeping my priorities straight.

HooNation: What do you like about school so far?

Hill: Freedom. I have things to do but the coaches and the support team has been great. I feel comfortable now and have a nice routine going.

HooNation: Take us through a typical day or week for you, including classes, practices, and down time.

Hill: I try to eat breakfast every morning, and then I go to classes. On Monday and Wednesday I have class from 10:00 to 1:00. After that I go to lunch and then go to get ready for practice. On Tuesday I have classes at 8:00 in the morning until noon, and then at 3:00. I like Tuesdays because I get to squeeze in a nap between my noon and three. After class I go to practice. On Thursday I have classes at 8:00, noon, and 4:00, and of course after that practice. On Friday I have class from 11:00 until 2:00. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we practice at 2:15 and have meetings after. On Tuesday and Thursday we have meetings at 4:30 and then we lift. After practice is over from Monday to Thursday I have study hall from 7:30 to 10:00pm. I try to get all my homework and studying done at study hall, but if I don't finish I go back to my room and do some more. In my chill time I like to blow off some steam in the weight room or just sleep.

HooNation: What have been your impressions of practice?

Hill: I love the competition because everyone is a stud. Playing such good competition makes you bring it every day. I like it because you have to play your hardest on every single play.

HooNation: What do you think of your position coach, Defensive Line Coach Chad Wilt?

Hill: I like him a lot. He has helped me improve my game already. He is the type of coach that gives you the tools; if you use them they will make you a better player.

HooNation: What do you think of Head Coach Al Groh?

Hill: He is a GREAT defensive coach. Defensive players would not want to play for anyone else. He has the schemes and teaching techniques that can help guys play to their strengths, so it not only helps individuals but the team as a whole.

HooNation: Which of your teammates have impressed you the most?

Hill: I really have been impressed with our whole defensive backfield, those guys are some studs. Rasi Dowling, Chris Cook, Rodney Mcleod, Corey Mosley, Dom Joseph, Brandon Woods, and Mike Parker. They have all really impressed me with their overall playmaking ability. All the safeties and corners are the real deal. It is my job to rush the quarterback so those guys have a better chance to make plays and showcase their talents.

Hill does not think he will be redshirting this year, but knows that playing time will be tough to earn. Virginia has been known in recent years for producing some of the best defensive linemen in the country, and as long as Hill sticks to his grueling schedule, he has a chance at being next in line.

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