Magruder Talks Visits

Petersburg (Va.) defensive back Eric Magruder has Maryland, Purdue, Louisville, and West Virginia high on his list. He got a chance to visit two of his four top schools this past season, and hopes to return to camps this summer.

In a few months Eric Magruder is hoping to translate strong performances at summer camps into written scholarship offers.

Magruder got a chance to visit two of the schools that covet him this past season, Maryland and West Virginia.

The 6-foot, 185-pound cornerback talked with about what stood out the most on his visits.


"I have been to some Maryland games before," says Magruder. "Growing up I lived a little less than three hours away from College Park, so I had been to games. But when you go as a recruit you get the royal treatment. I went up for the Florida State game and got a chance to tour all of their facilities, which are all very impressive. Everything is so clean and set up so well. We just walked around with a couple of their student assistants and saw all the athletic areas, the film rooms, and the locker room, all the usual stuff. The stadium was pretty cool. That place was rockin'. They were playing Florida State so I think everybody was a little extra pumped up, they definitely played with a chip on their shoulder that game. Overall I do like Maryland a lot. I like how they are known as the Under Armour school. A lot of teams wear Under Armour uniforms now, but they were the first, and their uniforms are sweet."

So what stood out most about his visit to Maryland?

"This might sound a little funny to you," says Magruder while laughing, "but my favorite part about the game was the food! We got to eat steak and chicken and vegetables, we were eating like kings. I didn't even know you could get food like that at the football games but we did and it was awesome!"

I am sure Maryland could work something out for Magruder for all the chicken and steak he wants if he ends up signing with the Terps.

West Virginia

"I went out to West Virginia for the Rutgers game, I believe it was October 4th. I didn't realize that Rutgers was a rival of WVU, but it looked like they were. The student section seemed a little fired up and they were all wearing some pretty intense T-shirts with some stuff I don't think you can say on this website printed on them. Their stadium is great. It is a little smaller than some other schools but it seems like all the fans are closer to the field and it gets loud in that place, real loud. I would love to play in front of a crowd like that. I also really like the offense they run. The version of the spread they use is fun to watch and it keeps the defense on their toes the whole game."

West Virginia won that game against Rutgers 24-17, and Magruder had a chance to see what it would be like to celebrate a victory as a Mountaineer.

"After the game was so much fun. They beat Rutgers in a seven point game and I got a chance to go into the locker room afterwards. Everyone was running around screaming and shouting, having a great time. (Head Coach) Bill Stewart was acting crazy. He was cracking jokes and acting really down to earth with all the kids. He made them all sing the fight song and kept everyone laughing the whole time. It reminded me of my school after a win. I could definitely see myself playing for a coach like that."

Magruder will be participating in the Combine in Baltimore on Sunday and then will be very busy for the next few months.

"I've got a bunch of stuff going on the next couple of months. I am planning some more visits to schools, I am taking the SAT's in June, I will also probably take the ACT's in June because a couple of schools said they want me to, then in the summer I am going to try and get to as many different camps and schools as I possibly can. I don't have an offer yet so I am trying to get as much exposure as I can and hopefully the offers will follow."

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