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Take one look at Tyler Brosius' film and it's pretty easy to see, the kid has game. His verbal to the University of Virginia gives them a cornerstone to build this new offense around. Brosius will be asked to run the same spread that Tim Tebow does, and not surprisingly they have very similar styles of play.

The first thing I thought of when I watched Tyler Brosius play was how his running style is so similar to another much more famous quarterback by the name of Tim Tebow. Tebow is a very lofty comparison but Brosius is very similar in size at 6-foot-3, 230-pounds, and when it comes to taking off and running with the ball, this kid's attitude is fierce. He loves to lower the shoulder and get the extra yard or two he needs.

When it comes to Tyler's passing game I didn't want to just compare him to Tebow again, although they do look the similar. Instead I saw a little bit of Ben Roethlisberger in him. Now I know that comparing a high school kid to a two-time Heisman winner and a two-time Super Bowl champ is far stretched but this kid looks to have some of that big play capability in him. When he is flustered in the pocket sometimes he takes off and runs for chunks of yardage, and other times he just looks very shifty and comfortable taking a step or two to get away and then he muscles the ball downfield for a completion.

If you haven't already seen his tape, take a look at Brosius in action for yourself.

Highlight 1:

Highlight 2:

Brosius is going to be a perfect fit in the new spread offense Virginia is running, which will have a similar feel to the offense they currently run at Florida. Give this kid a year or two to get accustomed to life in the ACC, and I think the Hoo's offense is going to be amongst the finest in the land.

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