Velasquez One of Maryland's Top OL

Rockville (MD) offensive lineman Oswaldo Velasquez was thrilled to find out his hard work is paying off. "I was thrilled when I saw that I was named to the Crab Bowl Super 60. The first time I looked I actually didn't see my name on the list. When I saw my name I was in total shock," says Velasquez.

When we last spoke to Oswaldo Velasquez he said he was working hard and really looking forward to the release of the initial Maryland Crab Bowl roster. Now Velasquez has been named to the team and could not be happier.

"When I found out about making the Crab Bowl Super Sixty I was in total shock. One of the most exciting times I can remember. I was actually on Facebook and I saw Chuck Harmon's status. It said "Super 60 up on Crab Bowl page", so I rushed over and saw my name on the D.C. list. I had to read it a couple times to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me and I have never felt happier in my life I don't think. Knowing that I am one of the best in my state at what I do gave me a great feeling. Making the 2009 Maryland Crab Bowl was one of my goals for my senior football season. It is an honor to be on the team and to get to play with the best in the state. I know for sure it will be a great experience."

Velasquez may have been so nervous he forgot his own last name at the time.

"My last name obviously starts with a V, which is something I should know by now," says Velasquez while laughing, "but for some reason when I read through that list I wasn't even thinking about it. I went through every single name, looking at each one so closely and I was so upset that I wasn't seeing my own. Then I got down to the very bottom and I was the last one on there. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was, and still am now."

"The next step in the process is actually to work harder than I have ever worked before. The Crab Bowl combine is right around the corner and I am looking forward to seeing my new teammates. I know a lot of the D.C. guys and I cannot wait to see everyone in the same room."

Last time we spoke with Velasquez he was focused on some of the in-state schools, now he is starting to look to Maryland's neighbor to the south, Virginia.

"I am a really big fan of Maryland and Towson, just because I have followed them for so long. Delaware is also up there for me. I also like both of the schools in Virginia. Virginia and Virginia Tech are both great schools that I am highly interested in. I also have family in Virginia and since I am a big family guy I know I would be OK. Both of those schools are still relatively close to home anyway. Both schools have great football programs and I know my Head Coach Sean Prather would be extremely happy if I went to Virginia Tech."

Sean Prather is a former starting quarterback for the Hokies.

"Both the Virginia schools are high on my radar. I receive mail on a regular basis from both UVA and Tech. I need to decide where I will be going to camp this summer actually. I am hoping to showcase my skills and my personality to both schools and hopefully get on their recruiting lists. I am hoping that being named to the Crab Bowl with only about ten other offensive linemen that they might be a bit more interested. It would be a huge honor to have an offer from either of the Virginia schools."

Strong performances at either camp and Velasquez might just come away with that offer he is hoping for.

Virginia Tech has already signed multiple linemen so they really seem to be focusing on the trenches this year.

Virginia has also offered a number of kids on the spot at camps recently so if Oswaldo keeps working hard his wishes might continue to come true.

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