Deacons Eying Physical Center

One area Wake Forest has been deficient in early this basketball season is rebounding the basketball. That being the case, look for Wake to make a push to add additional player(s) who would help them down low.

One such player is at a local school, Quality Education Academy, in Winston-Salem. Meet Lekan Ajayi, a 6'11" 235 pound dynamo who attacks the boards like they are his worst enemy and dares anyone to keep him from doing so.

While he runs the floor very well for a big man and has a soft touch, he made it plain what his strengths are for QEA. " I love to rebound and that is what the coach wants me to do," he said. "[My job is] to be the best rebounder in America. I am not afraid to play anyone and will get all the rebounds I can."

Being from Lagos, Nigeria where his family still lives, he admits he came to this country to play basketball and get an education in order to help his family's situation back home. "I want to help my parents and get a good education for after basketball is finished," he said.

From talking with Ajayi, he seems to be very earnest in his desire to make a name for himself and will do whatever his coaches at every level ask him to do. "I will play very, very hard and rebound but can play defense and score if someone will get the ball to me," he noted.

Based on games DeaconSports has scouted, he has shown tremendous desire and raw talent which only needs to be refined and developed. At this point, his list of schools recruiting him is extensive and includes Wake Forest, Tennessee, Seton Hall, Georgetown, St. John's, Alabama, Kansas, Penn State and others.

Academics are important to him as he realizes a good education is something he will have long after your playing days are over. It also will provide him the opportunity to help his family and possibly even allow them to move to the United States one day.

When I asked about his timeline for making a decision, Ajani said he would like to decide by early December but could possibly wait until Spring. He has serious interest in Wake because of the location and it's academic reputation. Additionally, he sees an opportunity to help the team.

"I have been to the games and they do not rebound the ball well," he said. With a lack of big, physical players down low, the Demon Deacons could certainly utilize Ajani's intensity in the paint.

Regardless, some major college team will certainly be able to use Ajani as there are not many players who play harder or with more intensity than he does.

Stay tuned to DeaconSports for more on Ajani's recruitment.

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