Jordan Pineda talks Wake Forest decision

North Carolina native Jordan Pineda was among a number of athletes to visit Wake Forest this past weekend. FoxSports/ spoke with him today after returning home for a weekend update, including a confirmation of his grayshirt status for 2012.

"Technically I'll just be part of the 2012 class," said Jordan Pineda. "The clock won't start until next year."

Prior to his plans to become a Deac, Pineda, who suffered a recent hip injury and subsequent surgery, was "being recruited into the ACC mainly. UCLA and Stanford were in the mix for a while too, but after the surgery it all dropped off a little," he explained.

Although the 6-3, 200 lb. athlete has some time ahead of him, the defensive end/outside linebacker has high expectations for his new team.

"They had a bad season last year, to say the least," Pineda said of the Demon Deacons. "But they didn't make any excuses. The only thing they talked about was how good of a year next year would be, which was really impressive to me."

"They're not out there to make excuses; they're right about the fact that they started four freshmen this year, and had a young team. They don't have different standards because they're Wake Forest-they're just out there to win just like everyone else."

Pineda, who had attended summer camp and later made a visit for a football game, explained how the program had changed.

"The level of football being played in the ACC is different from my last visit. It's on a different level, and they expect that out of you. They expect you to play at a different level, and that's very obvious."

The high school senior had the opportunity to spend time with the coaches and their families over the weekend, getting to know the people who will shape his athletic future.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Billings, talking to him and his family. He'll be my coach, and I'm real impressed with him. Also Coach Lobo, who is the recruiter for my area."

"Coach Grobe has a different style," Pineda continued. "He shows you that you've got to be motivated to play."

In addition to an athletic career in Winston-Salem, Pineda came away from the visit with some coaching words of advice.

"You work hard, you play. It's common throughout the majority of these schools, but it really hits home with these guys. Wake doesn't always get five-star recruits, so I think that's a big deal.

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