Josh Grady hosting coaches

With 26 offers to play college football in the fall, quarterback Josh Grady from Seffner-Armwood, Fla., has teams from across the country vying for his athletic talent. Coming down to the wire before signing day, the high school senior shared some insight about recent home visits and his upcoming decision.

"A lot of people here are pushing USF," the Florida native said of his impending choice. "They joke about hometown discounts, etc. But the location isn't much of a factor. Regardless of where I go, whether it be Iowa, NC, or somewhere else, my family has the means to send me wherever I want to go. Honestly, location won't affect (my choice) at all."

With his most recent offers from Vanderbilt, Temple, and Minnesota, his options continue to broaden. The coaching staffs continue to lay on the influence.

Grady has received home visits from coaches Rhoads and Burnham of Iowa State, Vanderbilt head Coach Franklin, Wake Forest assistant Coach Russ and most recently head coach Jim Grobe. He spoke with us about having the Demon Deacon in his home.

"He seemed like a real down-to-earth coach," Grady said. "He's been at Wake for long time, which is definitely a positive. It's a lot of stability. It was a pleasure talking to him."

Grobe left Grady with some advice for his decision-making process that stuck with the athlete.

"He told me that wherever I go, to make sure the decision is right for me," Grady said. "I shouldn't make it to please parents or coaches. In the end I'm the one who has to be there for four or five years."

The 6-1, 192 pound athlete continued about Grobe, and what he's looking for in a future coaching staff.

"It's important being able to know he'll most likely be there the whole time I'm there," Grady explained. "I wouldn't want to go to a school like UF if Urban Meyer left. I hate coaching transition. Having the same coaching staff and head coach is definitely a plus. It benefits the program and me to know exactly who I'm playing for."

Grady will make an official visit to Wake this weekend, and is considering making one to Vanderbilt the following weekend, directly before signing day. He described the Commodore head coach as having the greatest impact of the coaches who have been in contact.

"Coach Franklin impressed me the most on his home visit," Grady said. "I know they have a new staff, but he seems like he knows exactly what he's talking about. Vandy has had five players drafted by the Bears, who were playing while we were talking. They've produced so many NFL players. It showed me they're a credible school."

With little time left, Josh Grady has a monumental choice to make.

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