Gods-Power Offer greets coach

Wake Forest commitment Gods-Power Offor welcomed Head Coach Jim Grobe for a visit to his hometown, 20 lbs heavier than the last time they met. The defensive end told FoxSports/Scout.com his thoughts of his future coach and of their time together.

"As soon as I saw him he said, 'whatever you're doing just keep on doing it.' He couldn't stop telling me how much bigger I got," Gods-Power Offor said of his greeting with Grobe. "Right now I'm 220, and last time I saw him I was about 200. I've been working hard in the weight room, and it's paying off."

The Wake verbal pledge and Grobe spent most of their time at Offor's current school, American High School in Hialeah, Fla.

"I showed him around my school, and introduced him to some teachers," said Offor. "But he first thing I showed him was a roster with my name on it showing that I'd made honor roll."

The defensive end only spent part of a day with his future head coach, but had much to say still.

"He plays hard, and knows football, but does what plenty others don't know how to do—how to communicate with teammates," Offor explained. "This guy befriends you. He told me that they see a big future for me, with big chances for the program. It got me excited."

Offor had glowing reviews for Grobe not solely of his character, but also the tight manner in which he runs his program.

"He's not like a drill sergeant," he said. "He runs this program crisply, and makes sure everything is on schedule. When I went this summer I saw how he organizes things. The guys are eager to work out, and get things done."

Offor was also heavily recruited by recruitment coordinator Ray McCartney, who he described as, "the kind of guy I like – he knows when to have fun and when to be serious."

The high school athlete expects real progress for his future team.

"I know they're young," Offor said. "And offensively, were struggling with the quarterback situation; those things happen. It's a nice program with a big future."

"Every program doesn't start undefeated," he concluded.

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