Signee Spotlight: Kevin Sousa

"He feels really comfortable, and likes the classiness of Wake Forest." Read more here of the quarterback signee from the Sunshine State.

Kevin Sousa rating: three-star
Size: 6-4, 235-pounds
Hometown: Laka Nona High School, Orlando, Fla.
Projected position at WFU: Quarterback

Commitment date: 11/30/2010
Recruiting competition: Miami, USF, Michigan

Stats: Sousa had averages of 91 yards rushing, 203.5 yards passing, and 294.5 total yards.

Why WFU: "The coaches didn't want to pressure me into making a decision. They've been recruiting me since day one, and I appreciate all the hard work and time that Coach Elrod has put in for me.

"I don't think it was a difficult choice. At the end of the day I kind of knew that Wake was for me. I believed it was a great location for me academically, and for sports. I just felt more comfortable with the situation."

Strengths and improvements: Standout recruit with multi-dimensional ability on the field.

"I hope to bring good character, do whatever the coaches tell me to do, and become a great leader."

Coach Quotes (Coach Anthony Paradiso): "I met Kevin when he was in ninth grade; I was the one who convinced him to play football when he was playing soccer. He basically latched onto me like a mentor. I've been there from day one with his football, making sure he's prepared, coaching him, off-and-on the field.

"I've been his guy for the past three years. We have a great relationship; we schedule every combine and camp, and have done all of them together. I've put in a lot of time to get him where he is – I'm like a big brother to him."

"He sees the opportunity to play early at Wake. He sees how many quarterbacks played this past season, and sees the skill level he has, and how that compares to the kids already on roster.

"Plus the coaching staff, primarily Elrod and Grobe, have done a great job. He feels really comfortable, and likes the classiness of Wake Forest. The biggest thing is his opportunity to play; there's no other 6-4, 235 lb quarterback on the roster.

"He's just getting his feet wet with the game of football. With three years of experience, he's gained five years with the amount of time he's put in and his work ethic. He's our version of Tim Tebow. He's so committed. When he gets to the next level, he'll continue bridging the gap.

"Four years from now I'd like to see him starting and dominating somewhere on the football field. I think he'll be a quarterback because of his drive, but he could step onto the field and play another position. He's well-talked about nationally, and is going to be doing big things wherever he ends up, like he did at Nona."

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