Signee Spotlight: Godspower Offor

"THis kid is one of a kind; don't expect anything but the best out of him." High praises from the coach of the Wake Forest signee.

Godspower Offor rating: two-star
Size: 6-3, 220-pounds
Hometown: American Senior High School, Hialeah, Fla.
Projected position at WFU: Defensive end

Commitment Date: 7/19/2010
Recruiting Competition: Maryland, Duke, Missouri

Strengths and improvements: "Right now I'm 220, and last time I saw Coach Grobe I was 200 pounds. I've been working hard in the weight room and it's paying off. My strength is my speed. I need to get my legs stronger, and when I do that, I'll be indestructible."

Stats: Offor had 20 tackles, sack and a half, and two forced fumbles

Why WFU: "It's a nice program with a big future. Seeds grow over time, every program doesn't start undefeated. Coach Grobe isn't like a drill sergeant. He plays hard and knows football, but does what plenty others don't know how to do – communicate with teammates.

"If you have problems, you can talk to him. I'll feel good playing for him; this guy befriends you. He runs the program crisply and makes sure everything is on schedule. I came in this summer and saw how he organizes everything. The guys are eager to work out and get things done.

"Grobe told me, 'We see a big future for you, and big changes in the program.' It got me excited."

"Coach McCartney and I started to get close. He was the only one out of all the coaches who would call me once a week and email me. He knows when to have fun, but also knows when to be serious. That's the kind of guy I like."

Coach Quotes (Def. Coordinator Coach Bill Jones): "This kid is one of a kind; don't expect anything but the best out of him. He's getting bigger, and a lot quicker than last year. He still has a lot to learn as a d-end.

"His visit during the summer took him to another level; he was hooked. He bought his own Wake Forest shirt when he was there, and makes sure to wear it every couple of weeks. Everybody at American knows He's going to be a Deac."

"Four years from now, I'd like to see him starting of course, and getting looked at. At the same time, I hope he'll be doing well with college and his schoolwork.

"He's intensely wise, and understanding. I talk to him every day about whatever he needs, and life in general. We talk about everything. He really helped me as a coach to see where I was, and see how good of a coach I was."

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