Signee Spotlight: Sherman Ragland

Wake Forest signee Sherman Ragland is featured in this signing day capsule. "They're one of the most prestigious schools right under the Ivy League," said the Demon Deacon signee.

Sherman Ragland rating: three-star
Size: 6-1, 180-pounds
Hometown: Southern High School, Durham, N.C.
Position: Safety

Stats: Ragland 42 catches with 873 yards with seven touchdowns; four fumbles, three fumble recoveries, four interceptions, three block field goal attempts; 84 tackles.

Commitment date: 7/18/2010
Recruiting competition: Duke, ECU, NC State, UNC

Strengths and improvements: Speed, strong lateral and horizontal motion

Why WFU: "They're one of the most prestigious schools right under the Ivy League, so I can get a good degree as well as playing competitive football with ACC schools.

"I think I could build a really strong relationship with the players and take the coaches as father figures, and really just succeed.

"Grobe was most influential in the recruiting process. I sense a lot of integrity in him, and see signs that I can really trust him. With all the other coaches (at other schools) it really felt like they were recruiting me; but with him, he was helping me make a lifetime-long decision."

Coach Quotes (Coach Adrian Jones): "Coaching him has probably been one of my greatest experiences. I got my job here when he was a freshman, and he's done so many great things. He's one of those guys every coach wants on his team.

"We have a relationship like a father and son. We're definitely going to miss him; he's been one of the best players to come through this school.

"He leads by example. He's a vocal leader, but also leads by example. He can tell you what he wants, and then go on the field and show it. He does a really good job with the younger kids. They all look up to him.

"He's going to bring the game-breaking abilities. He's fast, strong, has very good lateral and horizontal motion. He's one of those guys who can do anything. He's definitely going to be a sudden impact for Wake.

"A lot of players play both sides of the ball. But by him solidifying his position as wide reciever, and by practicing only that, it's going to make him so much better."

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